Featured Artwork: Becoming Better by Geraldine Rose Sarmiento


“Let me start off by saying that I couldn’t draw to save my life. I’ve always known I could never be a world-renowned artist, and that’s all right with me. Why? Because creating something is a pleasure and reward in and of itself. Nothing beats the feeling of fulfillment of seeing something materialize in front of me because I made it so.

Attached herewith is an image file of some of my attempts at brush calligraphy and watercolor painting. The flowers were the first thing I tried to paint using watercolor. I thought it turned out hideous, but that only made me want to do more watercolor paintings. The watercolored bird was my third attempt, and although it is by no means great, I do believe that it shows a marked improvement in my watercoloring skills.

I believe that, as I try to create more things, I will be improving myself, not just in calligraphy or watercolor painting, but in other aspects of my life as well. The fact that there is still much room for improvement right now just means that I will be so much better at these things in the future, if I strive hard enough. That I can create better and more beautiful things, to me, is something worth holding on to, dreaming about, and struggling for.”

The artwork entitled “Becoming Better” was submitted to us by Geraldine Rose Sarmiento as an entry for our “Brighter and brighter” contest. 

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