Featured Artwork: The Bayon by Dianne Flor Reyno


“Ever since I was 4, I was in love with drawing. I love to use different mediums and I also love to mix different materials.

A couple of years back, when I was in a backpacking tour in Cambodia, I was so inspired with the temples in Siem Reap that I had this impulse to draw one of the temples, the Bayon. And since I am backpacking at the time, I had no materials with me but a plain pencil. There were no high quality paper in the mini bookstore in town so I had to settle with a watercolor paper that’s abundant in the area.

It took me a total of 7 hours in finishing my drawing (while in between my travels), because it was so hard to create a smooth shading in the paper’s rough texture. But as luck would have it, the rough texture of the watercolor paper gave me the rough finish I was looking for in my drawing.

This experience taught me 3 things. These are:

1. When you feel inspired to do an artwork, nothing must not stop you, even if it means deviating from the norms, which in this case is drawing in a watercolor paper while in a different place.

2. Experimenting with materials and having an amazing final product gives a different kind of euphoria.

3. Lastly, it doesn’t take expensive materials and tutorials to improve one’s talent, only the right combination of curiosity, experimentation, discipline and commitment to not giving up.”

The sketch entitled “The Bayon” was submitted to us by Dianne Flor Reyno as an entry for our “Brighter and brighter” contest.

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