Go Out & Be Free

I have traveled to a few known places in the Philippines and I must say that it gives me more reasons to explore the beauty of our country. As I was browsing my albums of travel photos online, I was having a hard time picking the best and memorable ones.

Then, I saw this photo and reminisced about the day I took it. I can still remember the cheers and laughter of a group of young people jumping off the springboard and just enjoying each other’s company. It made me think that traveling is not just going to places you’ve always wanted to go, but exploring these places, meeting other people (co-tourists, tourist guides, etc.), and discovering yourself in the process. It’s also about taking some risks and doing unimaginable and crazy things with your travel buddies.

So, go out and be free. For this world is a huge playground where you can be yourself and share love, joy and peace with every traveler you meet.

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