Lending Talents for a Greater Purpose

The artwork is the cover of a children’s book I illustrated for The Storytelling Project ( (TSP), a non-government organization whose team reaches out to remote communities in our country to teach children the value of reading by storytelling, and also to put up libraries so that they could express their love for books. It’s the first book I illustrated and also something I value deeply as I was able to lend my talents for a greater purpose.

I’m currently a software developer, but in my free time I continue to support TSP by illustrating for them pro-bono. I’ve never felt so fulfilled. One of my dreams is to find the courage to leave the IT industry in pursuit of a profession where my core gift can be used to its full potential.

I hope to be given the chance to participate in your event “Discover what’s special about you” so I could learn more about how I could shine with my unique talent.

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