Throw Kindness Around

“We spend so much time trying to pursue the big things thinking that we’re doing the most change, making the most impact, but we forget that it’s in our small, everyday decisions that our hearts are revealed. We strive so hard to claim what the world calls “success” in its eyes that we lose ourselves in the pursuit of it. And we forget:

I can be the CEO of a powerful corporation, but if I neglect my brother when he needs an encouraging word, I am nothing.

I can be the most influential blogger, the most popular Youtuber, the most in-demand speaker in all of the known world, but if I care not to help my mom wash the dishes when she is tired, I am nothing.

I can be the most beloved, most popular public figure out there, but if I do not hold my tongue when I am angry in order to spare someone pain and hurt, I am nothing.

I can reach everything that I have ever wanted to reach, be everything that I have ever wanted to be. But at the end of the day, if I hold on to these things more than I hold on to love and compassion, then I am nothing. Because at the end of our lives, happiness does not come from status or achievements or the bank or our narcissistic righteousness. The best things in life aren’t things; they are hugs and laughter and memories. Happiness comes from taking care of the relationships around us, losing ourselves in love and spreading hope despite our self-obsessed, self-serving culture. “

#Brew2017 artwork by @adriennesart

Inspiration by Kathryn Cartera


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