We Were Made To Thrive

There are no shortcuts to success. Success is earned by people who persevere. So keep going; keep moving forward.

It’s easy to quit on something and settle for a half-baked work. However, fulfillment will be impossible to gain. Though we may accept imperfections, we must not settle for mediocrity.

Success is sweet for happy and grateful people. A cheerful heart sees the good in everything and appreciates the journey although some tasks and challenges can be overwhelming. But a wise man knows how to treasure time. So he fixes his eyes on the goal and makes use of available resources satisfactorily.

For we were made to thrive.

Bruises and pains are only temporary. Sweats and tears will dry out. Wounds and heartaches will heal. But laughter and dances will remain. For there’s a good reward to those who strive for a job well done. The committed ones who put their minds and hearts into and expect tremendous result.

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Madz Madaje is a curly blogger who enjoys capturing clouds and sunsets, teaching kids, reading books and writing down her random thoughts. Find more of her dreams and journey with the UNSEEN Lover of her soul at her inspiration blog.

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Artwork by Danielle Denise. For more of her works, visit her Instagram.

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  1. leonardo tinamisan says:

    inspirational blog 🙂

    1. Brew Your Best Year Editor says:

      Thank you for visiting our page, Leonardo! We hope to continue to inspire the community with everyone’s contributions 🙂