What is Your Love Language?

So much has been written about love that I did not think there could be more written about it– until I stumbled upon an article about the different love languages. Yes, love languages.

People express love in different ways. Likewise, people receive love in different ways too. I learned that even if we genuinely love the other person, he/she may not feel loved because he/she has a different love language. I also learned that each one of us has a primary love language- be it quality time, acts of service, physical touch, gifts, or words of affirmation- and If we do not know our partner’s love language, he/she may not feel loved, even if we express it in other forms. Therefore, it is important to know what our primary love language is and then communicate it with our partner. Likewise, we should be open-minded about our partner’s love language. It is hard, because we are not all made in the same way. But if we truly and deeply love our partner, we should ask for the Lord’s wisdom to help us understand our partner more. May we continue revealing ourselves towards greater intimacy with our partners.

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Trinette Chang-Colina is a private dental practitioner, a university lecturer, and a forever student because she believes that people always learn something new everyday. While she is not busy fighting tooth decay, or is taking a break from fixing teeth, or is on summer vacation from teaching, she enjoys spending time with her husband Rex. They will celebrate their first anniversary in June.

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