A Celebration of Life with Nature

It was a cloudy Sunday morning. At past six, we were already gathered at Jollibee Philcoa where our team met up to travel to Ipo Dam, Norzagaray, Bulacan. We reached our destination as planned, and upon arrival, we proceeded to the orientation conducted by UPM member, Michelle Delos Reyes. During the orientation, our facilitator discussed about many informative things including a brief background on the Dumagat tribe on Sapang Anginan as well as the forestation that their team have been trying to implement on the area.

What followed was a 20-minute boat ride going to the Dumagat tribe. We have received a warm welcome from the people of the community so, without any further ado’s, we proceeded with what we really came for: an outreach program. Our outreach program consisted of (3) parts: (1) Tree Nurturing, (2) Arts and Storytelling with the children and (3) Food feeding.

For the Tree Nurturing, our group, together with the UP Mountaineers, had to trek for about 15 minutes. There, we watered the narra trees planted, removed excess grass, and geo-tagged the numbers of trees. While some of our group members were at the Tree Nurturing activity, we had started the Arts and Storytelling with the children.

To increase the children’s participation, we opened the program with some songs they can sing and dance with. Then, we’ve divided the children into (3) groups where each group was given a storyteller. After the storytelling activity, we proceeded with the Art Activity. Still on the same group, the children were asked to paint whatever lesson they have learned from the stories they were told about. It was so nice seeing the children so happy while they are busy painting.

Lastly, we held the Food Feeding for the people in Sapang Anginan. For that day, we have prepared hot porridge with egg and sandwiches for the people to share on. When everyone was full, it was by then that we distributed our other present: used clothes and shoes.

All in all, the whole outreach program was a success. We were able to give simple things for the Dumagat tribe and help out on their Tree Nurturing activity. In return, what they have given us are hearts full of happiness and gratefulness.

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