Holiday Giving Challenges Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Holiday Giving Challenges! It’s incredible seeing everyone’s stories and commitments to brewing change in each of their own communities. Here are the most inspiring entries we’ve received:

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“I live each day productively and make sure to share what I learn to others. I let people see the kindness that there is in the world and have it done to mankind. 😊 📚

#TraditionOfGiving story by @justdenks



“Others may think, “pa-chicks lang yan, akala mo talaga marunong.” And I was like, “Yeah! It’s what I love, no one can stop me!” Come on! Don’t let others hinder you from doing the things that you want and love. It’s not social suicide by going with the flow, it’s what I called PASSION.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @forevergracedy




I am a certified cat lover. I feel sorry for these little creatures whenever I see them not having a place to live in, that’s why I am posting this photo of mine with our new family member, Nikulas, to inspire others to adopt or foster a cat or kitten; they’re just as wonderful as dogs, and you won’t regret having one. 😍 Just imagine how you can change a cat’s life for the better.

#TraditionOfGiving story by @gracemaligalig



“Thankful for all the love and care my parents have given us. The most special gift I can give them is spending more time with them enjoying nature, stories and laughter, and creating good memories.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @mrswayfarer


As a Sunday school teacher, I’m continually being inspired to teach regardless of tiredness – all just to see a kid sharing what he learned about God.

#TraditionOfGiving story by @forevergracedy



I am a proud volunteer! Being a volunteer is to make a difference in someone’s life. You don’t need to be gorgeous, rich, famous, brilliant, or perfect. You just have to care.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @madamemoiselle_nehemiah



Today I’d like to honor my kids’ yaya, Lisel. From Day 1 she’s been an angel, taking care of my children like they’re her own. Even our furbaby loves her. Material things are not sufficient, and I know every small thing we gave her meant a lot to her. To be honest, she’s given us more than what we’ve given to her. Salamat, Lisel!

#TraditionOfGiving story by @teamvanguardia




“Let all that you do be done in love.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @mam_grace



“Everyday is a journey, so I make every step count. In every chance we get: thank, explore, reflect and learn, give back and inspire others.”

#TraditionofGiving story by @mrswayfarer



“I have enjoyed being a volunteer for an outreach program. We visited and brought figts for the lolas.”

#TraditionofGiving story by @frellisnotmyname




“I inspire others by showing to them how I have bright and positive perspective and attitude towards everything, and through that, I think they can realize something.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @heyatenicole


This photo was taken after me and my friends had our gift giving as appreciation for the volunteer leaders of Children International Manila.

#TraditionOfGiving story by @ronelbordallo


Week 2 Challenge: To Teach is ❤️ Nothing beats a well-taught student nurse! Rain or shine, they are always ready to care!

Teaching students to check all their duty paraphernalia prior to actual duty day, starting with their umbrellas, to their the smallest medical equipment, and most of all – their sweet smiles! Everyday is a giving day to all our beloved patients!
Ready to give, to teach and to care!!!”

#TraditionOfGiving story by@mimaycruz


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” -Matthew 19:14

Train up a child the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @mam_grace


As much as we can, we bring out our cousin to volunteering opportunities to teach him how to help and contribute to the world around him.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @mrswayfarer


Teaching is something that anybody should be happy doing. Inculcating new information to youngsters might be challenging but fulfilling once they fully understand everything. It seems like a vaccine in a syringe, injecting someone to be used for defense. In the end, this is something that can’t be paid by any amount.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @iamshanep


#TraditionOfGiving story by @mygretch


The goal of teaching is to make the receiving end understand what you are sharing. In my opinion, students learn better if there are trust and mutual respect in the classroom. I interact with my students individually to try to get to know them, and start to hone their potentials from there.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @jecmendiola





“Your old but usable clothes can still help others in need.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @maantutitot


“My mom and I are active members of IWC. This Christmas, we shared our blessings to the students of Don Bosco Tondo, spending time with them, getting to know about their heartbreaking stories, and finding a way to get back up again… it warms my heart. I have been there. I’m one of them. I wanted to be an inspiration and a testimony that there will always be a better future if you work hard. Have faith. Hope for the best. Love with all your soul. Challenge: Do something to help!”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @maajhonskibee


“It has been 8 months since the Marawi war broke out in Mindanao. Nearly half a million of individuals including the children, the senior citizens, PWDs, and mothers were left with nothing but their clothes at the time they left their homes to escape the war. Two days after the declaration of Martial Law, I flew to Iligan City to extend help to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at the evacuation centers. They were hungry, traumatized, and all in shock. The food, toys, financial assistance and stress debriefing gave them relief. Helping our moro brothers and sisters in Mindanao was the greatest thing I have ever did this 2017! It might be very unfortunate for them, but it was an opportunity for me to help them and spread love. @cbtlph This is my story of “do something to help.” Hope you like it :)”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @sammythewanderer

“I wanna help and encourage my fellow singles to maximize their singleness through exploring and volunteering in different community organizations. Currently, as part of kid’s ministry in our church I find it very challenging yet fulfilling. Challenging, because I do not have any teaching background nor patience for kids at first. But it’s true that you cannot really choose where you’d be placed when it is your calling.

Indeed, it is fulfilling because not only I am able to help them by teaching, but I’m also learning through this wonderful teaching experience.

Even they are still young you wouldn’t know how smart, creative and lovely those kids are. I am so grateful to be of help.
Now, I have gradually learned how to teach those kids and learned to be patient. And I want to help other kids by engaging others to join these kind of organizations. I would love to reach more children to know our Creator more and more.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @kimmybacani


“School – where dreams are made and nurtured, where a child is planted. As an educator, I will continue to act like a good gardener who will cultivate the soil where the child is planted.”

Flowers 💐 for you! 😊 Yes, to you who teach, nurture and act as a second parent.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @akosiacepot


“This is Tikyo. We got to know him when he was selling us yema at Taal Batangas. He is a very diligent, polite, and hardworking 12 year old who’s an honor student and working after school to help his mother and siblings. We bought his yema and treated him to dinner and from then on visit him every now and then at Taal to share with him school supplies. Tikyo inspired us to look at life with a different perspective and give back in any way we can.”
#TraditionOfGiving story by @mrswayfarer
“I am for and with the Lumad on their fight against their right and welfare. It has been a year or so when I started volunteering for the Lumad Community. We invite them in our office for a dialogue, give them water and food and help them sell their hand crafted products. This Christmas, our group plans to visit them in UP Diliman, where they are currently staying. I am positive that an open mind and heart is what we all need to understand our Lumad brothers and sisters deeply. @cbtlph this is my entry for “Do something to help.”
#TraditionOfGiving story by @sammythewanderer

“Being a caregiver is not easy, especially by giving your time and effort to do what I need to do, from taking them to bath, feeding and assisting them in whatever they need – but it is rewarding to see them smile and enjoy life even in the little things. I am helping them, but it helps me a lot to realize that life is beautiful.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @queenmegrihjem


“One of our annual events in school during December is an outreach program; last year, we looked for street children and let them feel the spirit of Christmas through some games, foods, and Christmas gifts from our students. This year, the school and us coordinators decided to look for an organization who is helping the Marawi victims. We encourage our students to donate old or new clothes and some goods, food, together with their personal letters and artworks.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @jhesterdeleon


“Small and simple things, in return for their warm and big #smiles. 😊☺️🎄🎅
Thanks guys. Next year na pud.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @nik_brownbeard


I was excited last weekend kasi babalik na kami ng Mindoro for our yearly outreach program with our beloved Atipan Tribe. Too bad, pinigilan kami ni Urduja. Syempre, priority din ang safety ng volunteers. But we will be back the soonest, sigurado ‘yan.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @ceedelunas

“These T-shirts will be shipped to Marawi to bless people this Christmas.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @jotvelasquez


“So heartwarming to see the smiles and sparks of joy in every child’s eyes. Our yearly tradition has begun – going into different places and have an open heart to help others.”

#TraditionOfGiving story by @myselfandai






“True happiness comes from the effort of making others happy. Give and share your love every day. “ – Tinku Razoria

Spreading happiness to our brothers and sisters at Sitio Pidpid, Porac, Pampanga, because we believe that happiness only becomes real when shared.

#TraditionOfGiving story by @meds_on_basket





Take a break and travel with family while you can. Because time is the greatest gift you can give and share with someone.

#TraditionOfGiving story by @ka.i.ser


No ham or lechon can ever bring you the joy you get when you give and share your life to the people around you. When you are given the chance to share your time, resources, and talents, grab that opportunity. Sharing our lives is a great privilege. I was so blessed to have a lot of opportunities to share what I have this Christmas. And I tell you, it has given me joy so abundant that it overflows.
#TraditionOfGiving story by @catherinecalzar


“A single act of kindness blossom many souls.” – Anthony Williams
In this world full of problems, terrorism and negativity, BE THE ONE TO SPREAD POSITIVITY. Just as a smile can go a long way, it also makes our day brighter. Take time to be kind. Be the reason someone smiles today. You can make all the difference to yourself and to others. Cheers to a purposeful and bright 2018!
#TraditionOfGiving story by @gayisejyanga
The true essence of friendship is taking your friends out to reach out to those in need. Sharing your time, love and resources, together.
#TraditionOfGiving story by @gmanilastreetlove
Being an employee of a real-estate company, Camella, I have this huge role in helping people building and having their own home. It is also a great opportunity for me to assist our country’s heroes, Overseas Filipino Workers, to secure all their efforts and sacrifices for their family by bringing them near to their dream homes.
#TraditionOfGiving story by @janvoltz
In this fast-paced world full of technology, people today spend a lot of time online, forgetting about the real essence of spending time with their loved ones.

I’m here today (and everyday) sharing my time with my 89 year old granny. She took care of me when I could barely walk; now its my time to be the one to hold her hand wherever she wants to go.

I wish all millennials would love their grandparents the way they loved us when we were young. Respect and make them happy!

 #TraditionOfGiving story by @janian.rinosa


“Empowering children through song and words.” – HBTT (Hold Back The Tears)
Sharing my time and effort to make this possible was a blast! Thank you HBTT team for letting us volunteers in “A Christmas to Remember.” As this is my 2nd Christmas being a volunteer, I hope to share more joy, love and effort with these kids, and of course, with the HBTT Team.

#TraditionOfGiving story by @izzamaaeee

It feels so rewarding whenever I see these cute students of mine smiling. I feel so lucky that I get to share my talents, wisdom, and life lessons with them. They always give their best and they always inspire me to do better in my craft.
 #TraditionOfGiving story by @iamsoheartie



I have learned that, by simply treating someone out to coffee, or by taking time to listen to a friend or someone who needs encouragement, love is being shared. We should never be too busy to share some quality time, God’s Word, and God’s love with the people we love and value. This 2018, these are the things I would practice to give back to the ones I love and to those around me, and to help others live a purposeful life. Spend quality moments with people, listen more, share God’s Word, and spread God’s love.
#TraditionOfGiving story by @confettiinmycloset
Mocha Latte & Breakfast Sub for sharing. Breakfast for 2.
#TraditionOfGiving story by @tonsky08



We are so grateful that in this season of our lives, the Lord is calling us to help people who are in need. It’s really amazing, and I am so blessed to witness how God moved and provided everything (from looking for sponsors to fundraising activities) we needed for our outreach programs. We shared not only material blessings, but most importantly, spiritual blessings by preaching the Word of God to them.
#TraditionOfGiving story by @angeleileic
While our family was busy enjoying Christmas in front of our house, a group of barangay employees approached us asking if we knew this kid. They said that she got lost while she was caroling around our village. We did not know anything about the kid, so I took the initiative to share this concern in Facebook. 30 minutes after, it got quite a lot of attention and help from my Facebook friends. Finally, I got valuable information about the kid and immediately forwarded it to the barangay. On the very same night, she was sent home safe and sound.

I consider this a simple yet a very rewarding “sharing” experience because I, along with the concerned citizens and netizens, was able to bless this kid and her family.

#TraditionOfGiving story by @allendaleee

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