CBTL Robinsons Magnolia – It all started with suppressed emotions written on paper (because I was unsure if anyone else could understand me) which I left on the table (hoping that the thoughts will gradually disappear as I decided to leave everything in this exact place). The day I left the note was literally my first visit. I came back because the smile of the lady with eyeglasses in the counter was contagious and I wanted to see the same again, hoping she could share her positivity with me. It was done all out of emotions. Nothing was planned.

Surprisingly, the staff read all the notes that I left and eventually recognized me. On my succeeding visits, they always greeted me with my first name, consistently asking me “How are you?” and continuously giving me advice to help me overcome one of my life’s struggles. Everything was unexpected. It all started with a note but I ended up meeting people who are able to understand me (esp. my random thoughts.) Or, at least, tried their best to understand me.

I’m speechless whenever I look back to how it all started! This story is all about me But hopefully, the readers will also get the lessons I learned. God allows us to experience hardships and struggles not to break us but to make us a better person. And most of the time, the people He chooses to help us fulfill His plans are those who we least expect.

Awesome: the best word to describe everything.

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