Caring Cup Experience: Anna Clarice Abacan

On that rainy Thursday, I could feel the tiredness and the constant aching of my body as my brother André and I drove to Bonifacio Global City. I had a gruelling week at work, and truth be told, I was yearning to be back in my bed, snuggled under the covers, catching up on some much needed rest. However, all that changed as we neared the Mind Museum, and the mere thought of spending the day with the Bahay Tuluyan kids inside a cool science museum instantly perked me up.

We soon met the kids and I was instantly touched as one of the little girls grabbed my hand and refused to let go. She introduced herself as Sherly, and once I’ve told her my name, she gave me a warm, tight hug. In that moment, it felt like as if we had known each other already for a long time.

Despite being a bit rowdy and quite hard to control at times, Sherly touched my heart in her own little way. She craved to learn about the animals and their habitats, the human body, the galaxies and the universe. It broke my heart upon learning that she did not learn how to type, but I admired her as she unashamedly admitted the fact to me and asked for my help. I wanted to share with her as much of my time and knowledge as possible. I eagerly did my best to teach her as much as I could.

Being a child, she had this earnest curiosity and yearned to learn so much more about the world she lives in. She patiently listened to everything that I told her, and it was very rewarding for me as she most certainly appreciated our time together. As it was time to say goodbye, we both did not want to part ways, and we showered each other with hugs.

As adults who are very busy with our jobs and everyday life, we often forget to be in touch with the inner child within ourselves. Through Sherly, I was able to see the world through a little girl’s eyes once again, which was truly refreshing and enlightening. I am truly glad that I chose to spend my holiday with her and the other children, They have reminded me to step back and look at life in a new light, and I learned to appreciate my life more, what I have, and the things I am capable of doing. Our day out with the Bahay Tuluyan kids is truly an experience that I will never forget.


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