Your Coffee Bean Story: Christine Manal

State your full name.

I’m Christine Manal, and this is my sister Larcey.

What do you do (for work and for fun)?

Christine: I’m a teacher and have been teaching for 11 years. I specialize in home-based tutorials. For fun, I love spending time with family here at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, sometimes almost as often as thrice a week, especially during the summer! This is also our Mom’s way of unwinding, to see the whole family complete at the Mall of Asia Annex store after work. Usually after going around the mall, we come here!

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Do you remember the very first time you stepped into a The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®store? Can you tell us your story?

Larcey: We happened to pass by the store and then decided we should try it out. I told Christine and my mom that I liked it here because the ambiance was really nice. Ever since, this has been our go-to place!

Christine: I used to work abroad. After coming back to the Philippines and experiencing Coffee Bean, this has always been the coffee shop that we stay in.


What made you fall in love with the Coffee Bean?

Christine: The staff are very accommodating. Since we’re regulars, sometimes they don’t ask for our orders anymore because they can already guess what we’re having. We really love it here because our mom doesn’t get stressed out and we get to relax. It’s a great place for us to catch up. Even when we’re at home, everyone can’t avoid being busy and we end up doing our own thing. So after work and school, this is where we chat or do our homework; it’s a great place to unwind and reconnect.


Are there any Team Members/Baristas who have already become your “friends”? Who? Can you share us some stories with them?

Christine: Actually, all of them! We’re usually here from around 5PM and stay until 12MN! They see us chatting, especially Larcey’s kids. We often bond over K-pop and K-drama shows. The staff would probably overhear us and end up suggesting shows that they have seen, so I would also recommend to them in return. It’s nice that we have K-drama as a common topic!

Larcey: When we order, they already know what we’re having! Less work for me! They also love to suggest, “Ma’am would you like to try this or shall we add a little of that?” It’s less stress upon ordering. When you come here, they really serve you the best way they can.


What makes you keep coming back to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®?

Larcey: For me, it’s really the coffee. At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, each flavor is distinct. Here, if you order the Hazelnut, you can really taste the hazelnut, that’s why you really get value for money.


What are your favorite moments in The Coffee Bean®?

Christine: Our brother lives in Pasig and doesn’t live with our family, so he usually only gets to visit on weekends. Larcey’s 2 kids seldom get to visit, too. So we really make it a point to see each other and bond here at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. It’s really fun! It’s like home away from home! It’s a coffee shop, many people come here, but it isn’t distractive. When you you’re here, you can relax. It’s very comfortable.

Larcey: Sometimes I’ll go here ahead of them. Say, one hour? So for me, it’s where I get to be alone and have “Me” time.


How do you “Brew Your Best Year”?

Christine: By seizing the moment and being passionate, especially with my family members and at work. Whatever it is that I want to do, I can accomplish it by giving it everything I have. Be it work, family or relationships with other people, just be passionate and go with it!

Larcey: Amidst the busyness of work and everything else, you’ll have the best year of your life if you can somehow go back to what really makes you happy!


In one line, tell us about Your Coffee Bean Story.

Larcey: Extraordinarily satisfying!

Christine: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is like our family’s second home.


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