#CoffeeBeanLife: Camille and Erickson

Name, Age, What do you do?
Erick Hernandez, 30 years old, and Camille Anne Lim, 28 years old. We’re both food technologists working in the Quality Assurance department. Erick works in a commissary of a fast growing restaurant chain in the country, Camille works in a manufacturing plant of sauces and mixes.
Do you remember the very first time you stepped into a The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store? Can you tell us your story?
Camille: My singles ministry friends brought me to a The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store back in 2011. Majority of our ministry meetings are held in coffee shops, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf being the obvious choice for everyone.
Erick: Our first date back in 2014. I was supposed to take her out for merienda, but since she just had her lunch we decided to go to a coffee shop instead. Camille chose The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because she wanted the hot double chocolate with marshmallows.
What made you fall in love with Coffee Bean?
Camille: The ambiance and of course, the tea lattes. Being a non-coffee drinker, I choose The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because they offer a wide array of tea drinks for a tea lover like me.
What makes you keep coming back to Coffee Bean?
Camille: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is perfect for us because we can have both our favorites at one place – coffee for Erick and tea for me.
What have been your favorite moments with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf?
Erick: Despite our constant visits, our first date will always be our favorite! After not seeing each other in 5 years, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf provided us a good place for a quality conversation.
Can you share us some stories of your favorite moments with our Team Members?
Camille and Erick: During our mini photo shoot at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Ortigas Park, the staff were very attentive to our needs and even assisted us to shoot. Aside from that, they took time to know us, their customers. They asked us why we chose the location and even said their well wishes for our upcoming wedding.
What is your favorite Coffee Bean beverage/food? Why?
Erick: Since I like my coffee black, the Americano is perfect.
Camille: Moroccan Mint Tea Latte! I am a fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream. So, I’m glad that I discovered a drink counterpart in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
In one line, tell us Your Coffee Bean Story.
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will always be special for us because that quality conversation during our first date over a cup of americano and hot chocolate led to one date night to another, and soon, we’re getting married!
How will you “Brew Your Best Year” together as a couple?
As our big day is fast approaching, we choose to focus on our life together. In a world where dysfunctional families are becoming the norm, we understand that we need to work hard to keep our future family intact. We joined a mentoring program in helping soon-to-wed couples to prepare not just for the wedding, but also for their marriage. We are trying to apply our learning as early as now.

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