#CoffeeBeanLife: Tyron Mesario

Please introduce yourself, tell us your age, your work, and what you do for fun.

  • I’m Ty, 24 years old and I’m a unit manager for a team of financial advisers and a real estate broker. My spare time, I spend most of it in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. I also love exploring, I’m into museum-hopping and art, and I recently fell in love with the Bambike Ecotours. Also, I’m passionate about teaching and training others in order to empower them. It’s really fun for me.


Given that your job requires meeting people, where do you go?

  • Regardless of where the meeting is, I always make sure to look for a store of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, whether I’m meeting clients or my team.


How big is your team?

  • Right now, I manage 30 advisers. They’re all different ages and are from different walks of life. The oldest team member is 52 and is retired, and the youngest is 18.


Do you remember the first time you stepped into a store of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®?

  • When I joined my previous company, I vividly remember walking into The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Prism Plaza, and everyone was so warm! On my first day, I became friends with them and we’ve become really close which is the reason why I keep coming back.


How many years ago was that?

  • That was around 2014.


What made you fall in love with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®?

  • I love the murals, it’s so inspiring — I want to have a version of them at my own place. I also love the coffee and the people here.


Have you made any friends while you were at one of our stores?

  • I have! I find it easy to connect with people and one day, I chatted up someone that was in the table next to me. Eventually we became good friends and because we would always see each other here in Prism Plaza, we would say “Hi, classmate!”. Now, we’re so close that we go out with our friends together and help out where we can with each other’s work.


What’s your favorite drink here?

  • I love the Double Chocolate Latte and the Hibiscus or African Sunrise tea.


Why do you keep coming back to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®?

  • It’s the people. Whenever I enter your doors, I feel so welcome. There’s a certain connection I have with the team and people here.


What are your favorite moments with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®?

  • I can say that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is really part of my success. When I started as a financial adviser, I would always meet my clients here and encourage my advisers to do the same. Every time I’m here, it’s like a new day. I find hope in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. There’s a certain feeling I get when I’m here, it’s like I can embrace success.


Any baristas or Team Members that you have become friends with?

  • A lot! Jelai was the first person who became close to me. Whenever she sees that I’m tired or discouraged, she would give me thoughtful notes like, “Sir Ty, cheer up!” or before I leave the store she would say, “Sir Ty, ingat ka!” and those certain acts of kindness really mean something. It’s really touching. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with my job and these people are like my social support. Apple and I had a very memorable experience. There was a time she noticed I was a little uneasy, so I told her that I was looking for clients and she said, “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll get from you!” and that same day, she became my client. Beyond the friendship, they also help with my work. Cherry is another one, she’s really warm. We would make chika every time we meet. Ivita naman, I like her personality. She’s very strong and we connect easily. There are many others, but these four really made an impact in my life.


In one line, tell us about your Coffee Bean story.

  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is part of my success.


Lastly, how will you brew your best year this year?

  • By empowering people – by reaching out and spending time with them. Whatever I do, the work of my hands, it’s to worship Him and that’s the best way for me to brew the best year and have a better 2018. At the end of the day, the reason why I do these things is because I want to glorify Him.

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