Janella Tan

NAME: Janella Tan

WHAT DO YOU DO: Analyst Assistant

1. What are the values that you uphold as an individual and how do you live them out?

As an individual, I am very family-oriented. I believe that maintaining close ties with family helps me have a better understanding of the world as the love that we cherish allows me to carry it even outside our home. Having a balance between work and personal life is important to me as this allows me to make time for the things that I am passionate about. Lastly, having a strong faith in the Lord is what I uphold the most. Growing in my faith gets me through everyday in a way that even if I know that even nothing is certain, I somehow feel like everything will fall into place.

2. Tell us about Your Coffee Bean Story.

My Coffee Bean Story started out with my love of trying out new coffee shops and the drinks they offer, whether it be coffee, tea, or tea lattes. It was the Chai Tea Latte ofThe Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® that drew me in. A friend introduced me to the drink, and I’ve been going back ever since.

By following the brand, I also got to know Caring Cup. I saw an advertisement on Facebook for one of their events and for some reason, it resonated with me very much. I got curious and wanted to volunteer regardless if I was with a friend or alone, or the venue of the event was far from home. When I volunteered for their World Cancer Day event, that is when it all started; that’s where I decided to make a difference. I’ve been volunteering ever since.

3. What event did you participate in that was the highlight of your #CoffeeBeanLife?

The highlight of my #CoffeeBeanLife is when I participated in Caring Cup’s World Cancer Day event at the National Children’s Hospital. I got to meet the kids and their parents who were so strong, they still smile despite what they are going through. This inspired me to give back more. I also gained a new friend who always goes with me to Caring Cup events. Overall, it was a great experience, and it shows because I’ve also been joining the organization’s initiatives since then!

4. What are the lessons you’ve gained as a member of the Caring Cup Community?

I have learned to be optimistic in life no matter how heavy things may seem. Being aware of my surroundings and other people’s feelings is also an important lesson that I gained. Being a part of the Caring Cup community made me realize that the world does not revolve around me, and I need to do something to affect significant change. This is why I have decided to be an active volunteer. I want to grow as an individual, and be appreciative for what I have.

5. Is there any advice you can give to the community when it comes to living a life of service and excellence?

My advice is that never think you are not capable to act on the things/issues that seem to be way bigger than you. Remember that change starts from within.

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