My #JourneyToTheJournal Has Concluded Today

So my #JourneyToTheJournal has concluded today after getting 12 stamps. I know some will say “You’re too early” or “So what?” (and I will actually say it to myself too). But what I really want to share is my #JourneyToTheJournal experience. This is my second year to complete stamps/stickers to get a free journal/planner in CBTL and the experience this year is different from the previous year. I appreciate how Ms. Annie (of CBTL Convergy’s) remembered me and called me by name on my second visit. This simple gesture means a lot to a customer like me. It was also when I started collecting stamps when I am really thinking about a lot of things. I really don’t stay alone in coffee shops but I did several times as I countinued my #JourneyToTheJournal. And it gave me time to think about a lot of things… like taking new chances, trying to be more matured and wiser in making decisions, letting go of negative thoughts, and learning to appreciate. So it is weird that I am feeling happy and a little bit sad at the same time as this #JourneyToTheJournal ends. But actually, it doesn’t end here yet. It may be the start of new and better things to come. Thank you The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines for the wonderful experience.

Stamps 7-9 (CBTL Glorietta, Makati City):

It’s always nice to have conversations over a cup of coffee or tea with friends. We watched the movie “Beauty In A Bottle”. Unexpectedly, I enjoyed the movie and I love it’s moral lesson.

Stamp 10 (CBTL Convergy’s, Makati City):

I decided to relax a little bit before going home. The ambiance was just perfect to read.

Stamp 11 (CBTL Glorietta, Makati City):

Finished reading the November entry of The Happiness Project. Felt a little bit sad that there is only one month to go before I finish the book, at the same time, I also feel happy that I’ve been able to read it every month.

Stamp 12 (CBTL Convergy’s, Makati City):

I had some time thinking about where to conclude this #JourneyToTheJournal, but first choice is the Convergy’s branch since it has been my favorite branch recently.


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  1. Thank you very much for featuring my story here in “Brew Your Best Year” as well as for the wonderful experience. 🙂