Our #CoffeeBean Experience at Evia

I’m a pretty picky customer, a little difficult sometimes but reasonable. You can’t just make me try this brand from this, much more make me switch from my brand to another one. I become a promoter of establishments and brands that are consistent and those that always deliver excellent service or superb product quality. I’m just like any other paying customers, I want to get my money’s worth. And, if I leave a restaurant or a store happy, trust that I will come back. I will even refer to friends + colleagues + relatives. And again, I will come back. Sometimes there’s even a bonus — I write about the experience here in my little space on the Internet.

Last Sunday was all about this: I have been loyal to a lot of brands for as long as I can remember, but every now and then, you take a side trip when you find something new. Sometimes, you’ll be surprised that you’re even considering changing old habits because of exceptional brand experience.


A Sunday habit is about to change

I have this Sunday morning thing that I do when I’m up unusually up at 7 o’ clock in the morning. I just have mornings when I need good, strong coffee but don’t really want to dress up because I’m just too sleepy to do so. Feeling spontaneous last Sunday, we parked the car to check out the stores in Evia. And, that’s when I discovered The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf beautifully tucked away in a corner at Evia Lifestyle Center. I love how spacious this CBTL is. It also has these huge glass panels that allowed a lot of natural light to pour in making this store conducive for studying and a pleasant place to do some take-home work. Inside, it’s not cramped and it has this right mix of vintage and a chillax-ed ( chill + relax ) South vibe that will make anyone want to go inside and stay for a while.





Good Coffee. Great Breakfast. Excellent Customer Service.

I love coffee. I like mine milky and bold. That’s no secret. However, I sometimes want to have my coffee with food. Coffee Bean has awesome breakfast meals that other coffee shops don’t have. If you have not tried any of these breakfast sets, I suggest you try ’em out soon because you won’t get disappointed. I normally get the Brek o’ Day but last Sunday, I went for something that I haven’t tried. I ordered their Eggs Ben while Mother Duckie had her usual Brek o’ Day with Chicken Sausage. And since it was Sunday treat day, we shared a Strawberry Cheesecake to complete our favorite meal of the day.

And finally, delivering a good and memorable CBTL experience was the team on duty last Sunday. I remember that there were a lot of customers that morning, but service didn’t falter. Our barista/cashier also showed my Mom, who is a senior citizen, extra TLC. The receipt and the stuff that she needed to sign were brought to our table instead of making Mom wait, which she appreciates and seems to remember. I overheard my Mom talking to one of her friends a while ago and was telling this Tita that they’ll have tea or coffee soon at CBTL Evia. Isn’t Mom a cutie?


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