#CoffeeBeanLife: Rhodora Gonzales

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I’m Rhodora Gonzales and I work at the 7th floor of Two E-Com for a shipping agency. I work in the quality, safety, and environment department which mainly monitors the output of the employees and ensures that they are safe and healthy. We also make sure that we’re protecting the environment. We don’t own the vessels, but represent them when they reach the port.

Do you remember the first time you visited a store of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®?

Yes. It was way back in 2007 or 2008 when I was actually in Dubai. It was my favorite store back then because the food was really delicious. After moving back to the Philippines, I found out that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® supported the Real LIFE Foundation, a foundation of my church, and so I began patronizing the brand here as well.

So is this Two E-Comm store the one that you visit regularly?

Yes. I guess it’s because they know me so the feeling is a lot more endearing.

What were your impressions of the brand and what are the things that you like about The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®?

The crowd. The crowd is a little more mature. You know how going to coffee shops has become a bit of a trend lately? Here, when you come to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, you’re a serious coffee drinker.


What about The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® inspires you to keep coming back?
It has become my everyday habit. I have a coffee press at home, so before I leave home, I already have coffee. Yet I always find myself looking for that Coffee Bean taste. It’s really a different blend, but the biggest differentiator is the staff. The way they welcome you is so warm and genuine because they truly care.

Do you have any special moments that happened here at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®?
There was a time that I felt really down and the staff noticed because they left me a note on the cup. That really made a huge difference for me. To this day, I have the cup. It has sentimental value. This is where I come to refresh myself and take my me-time. When I come here, the staff always serves me to the best of their ability and it matters to me.

What is your go-to order here?

An Americano. When I come here, they already know that I just take my coffee black. All I need to do is line up and pay for it along with my favorite snacks, the sausage roll and Food for Thought.

How would you describe your Coffee Bean story in one sentence?
For me, coffee is life. Coffee Bean is life. I really feel rested when I come here. I have a special bond with the brand. I get to enjoy my coffee, as well as help the scholars of the Real LIFE Foundation.

How will you Brew Your Best Year?
I’m really hoping to study and work abroad; to take a degree still related to my line of work and establish a life that would make my country proud.

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