The Giving Advocate by Champ Cody

NAME: Champ Cody
WHAT DO YOU DO: Team Manager/ Pageant Organizer

1. What event of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® did you participate in that was the highlight of your #CoffeeBeanLife?

The highlight of my #CoffeeBeanLife is the first The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® event I attended – a feeding program for kids in partnership with Real LIFE Foundation. Because of this event, I was inspired to organize another feeding program for the Real LIFE Foundation kids. I have been a The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® fan since 2013 as I have always loved to hangout in the stores with friends, and it also served as a venue for me to provide free health consultation when I was a health coach for Spartan Transformation. But the Real LIFE Foundation Feeding Program made me see the brand in a deeper light and love it on a whole new level.

2. What are the lessons you’ve gained as a member of the Caring Cup Community?

As a member of the Caring Cup Community, I have learned that there is so much I can do to make a difference in this world just by giving back and helping add value to other people. Attending Caring Cup events has helped me grow as an individual. It gave me the opportunity to help support causes that both The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® and I care about. I feel blessed to be part of this family, and I will definitely be inviting more people to join the community, so I can help them realize that we can do more for others when we are together.

3. What prompted you to start your “The Giving Advocate” project?

My love for The Giving Journal prompted me to start The Giving Advocate. Being featured by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® made me desire to be an instrument to inspire others. I am giving back by sharing others’ stories and thoughts about giving. This makes people aware that giving isn’t only about providing material things or money. Each individual has his/her own way to express the gift of giving by simply sharing their time, effort, etc.

I choose one individual each year to represent The Giving Advocate. I do this through “The Giving Ambassadress,” an online pageant for females, since I have been other pageants for almost ten years now. I also want to help empower women through this pageant, especially millennials. The winner will be immersed in the Caring Cup community, and hopefully, she can impart what she learns from each event and inspire others to do the same.

4. What do you hope to achieve with your project?

I look forward to featuring more inspiring individuals in the coming years. Please help me do so by sending your entries and be our next “The Giving Advocate”. I am grateful to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® for supporting this advocacy since I started the project!

5. How will you continue to brew your best year?

I will continue to brew my best year by supporting The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® and Caring Cup’s causes. I will continue to spread awareness and positivity through my social media accounts to uplift and educate people by featuring more giving individuals from all walks of life.

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