Through Thick And Thin, CBTL, We’ll Never Be Apart

A woman should never lose weight because she wants to be sexy, rather, she should never stop seeking to become the best version of herself. I want each Pinay to feel what I felt, happy with what I see in the mirror. I want us to gain the confidence to flaunt our imperfections because that is a beautiful unique part of ourselves.

I would rather hear the compliment, “You’re getting fit,” instead of, “Ang sexy mo na.” I hope that I can talk to more Filipina who can coach me to be fitter and and share my stories to those who are struggling to begin. Because, one way or another, we are all but in the same journey.

Fitness goes beyond the physical. It’s empowering that it could transform a timid girl into an outspoken, fearless woman. It would change you, not just physically, but into someone you never thought you could be.

And through thick and thin, I know that I’ll always have The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® with me.

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Rheena Reynoso is an ordinary Pinay. Tiny woman. Non-athlete swimmer. Coffee Lover. Teacher.

This contributor is a customer of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®.

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