What This Means To Me

It was the first day of my final exams for the first semester. That morning. I was really nervous. I decided to go to school early because I was so afraid of being late and therefore lacking the time to answer the examination questions. But when I arrived in school, I told myself “Dani, iI hink you’re toooooo early for school!” It was just 9 and my examinations were scheduled at 11:30. I still had loads of time to review. So I went to CBTL Gateway to grab some coffee.

While waiting for the light to buzz I opened my reviewers, scanned my notes, and reviewed all the things that I needed to remember. Then my order arrived. I don’t usually get  coffee for take out and for the first time, I experienced receiving a quote on my cup from the sweet little crews of CBTL. And you know what that means to me?

It means “Dani, this is just the start of your life. You should continue living for your dreams. I know you’ll be an Engineer someday. Even though you hate Math, I know you can do it. Because life and dreams are the most important things for you this time.” That exam day was my Calculus examination. Thank God for the knowledge, thank mom for the money, and thanks CBTL for that wonderful inspirational quote.

Right now, I’m enrolling for my second term, and yes I passed my Calculus exam 🙂

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