You Are Never Alone

Yesterday evening before my most tiring day ended, I decided to go to my safe haven, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which is just meters away from home. It was almost 10pm so I didn’t bother to ask anyone to accompany me. As I entered the shop, I embraced the scent of roasted coffee beans and the silence of the night. I got my usual order. All other tables were occupied by couples and groups of friends. I looked around and saw people talkng, rubbing backs, holding hands, and whispering words of encouragement. Some sort of sad song filled the air and believe me, that didn’t help anything with my situation at that time.

I grabbed my bag and looked for something that can divert my attention. Unfortunately, I only had my phone and journal in it. I almost shed tears given the sarcastic situation I was put into. I felt lonely and I didn’t want to accept it. But there it was, slapping me in the face. Loneliness. I felt an inner pain that I thought wasn’t there, an inner emotion that I just didn’t want to accept. A deep longing within me that I didn’t bother to share with anyone.

Can someone please give me a hug?

I started to write a simple prayer in a piece of tissue paper. I prayed with so much passion and longing. The tiredness and emptiness within me added up what I was feeling at that time. I almost cried but I tried to compose myself. After that, I decided to go home.

The next morning, I went to the same coffee shop and some of the crew gave me a hug and a pat on the back. They told me they had read my prayer on the tissue paper and they kept it. That day, I learned a very important lesson: you are never alone and you will never be.

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One Thought

  1. Trisha Pelayo says:

    Indeed, you are never alone. Had the same experience. Surprisingly, the people we least expect to help us are the ones who could give the best comfort. Happy that you did not succumb to your loneliness, rather, took out a lesson from your experience. 🙂