Your Coffee Bean Story: Anne Arozal

“My love story with Coffee Bean started in 2012. A friend knew I loved tea and introduced me to their teas- that’s how it started. That was October 2012, same time when their stamping for the Giving Journal began. I eventually got my own and through its pages, I discovered that Coffee Bean holds outreach activities through its Caring Cup program.

I got curious one day and went through their online pages to learn more about the outreach activities. I volunteered for the first time during one of their feeding programs with Real LIFE Foundation back in 2014 and after that I kept volunteering. Through my experiences joining the Caring Cup events, I’ve grown as a person. I learned to have a more positive outlook in life and be more thankful about what I had, the smallest things and simplest gestures. I became enlightened, realizing that we are all called to give back and to pay it forward, to share your blessings and be a blessing to others. When you get to do this, it’s such a fulfilling feeling.” – Anne Arozal, Caring Cup Volunteer

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