All The Mundane Things

Time stops for no one.

Such is its nature, and yet we unknowingly waltz to its torrid rhythm. So much so that many of us go about life the way that rhythm dictates: wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, leave for work, go home, and crash. All set on repeat. We adamantly dance this dance in pursuit of our goals that we often tend to overlook something very fundamental— ourselves.

We have this tendency to either shelf or postpone the concept of the self whether consciously or not, thinking that so long as we can endure, our personal needs and wants can wait. We do this so often that it then becomes a habit, and we end up losing and forgetting ourselves somewhere along the way. We get so entangled with the rhythm that we end up losing track of a lot of things such trying out that new Japanese restaurant you keep on seeing in social media, taking those violin lessons you’ve always wanted to take, finishing the book that you’ve read halfway through. Things that some may deem mundane and insignificant, and yet, it is these insignificant and mundane things that define who we are as a person: our wants, our dreams, aspirations, hobbies, quirks, etc. And is thus something I believe no one should ever lose track of. But in reality, we human beings are bound by errors and limitations so losing our way is something we all eventually go through. To be able to conquer these limitations and find yourself despite is something that sets you apart from the rest. But don’t get me wrong. When I mention the self, I meant it in a much deeper and more intimate sense. It’s not simply about your name, your address, your occupation; it’s about the core of your being. It’s about who you are as a person. What makes you, you.

Although understandably, the concept alone of finding one’s self is something really perplexing, what more when faced with the actual process. In the first place, you might end up asking yourself how and where to even begin. Like any journey, it would really depend on the person. But if you’re looking for a good place to start, then introspection would be a fail-safe bet. In my case, irony had its way as it happened during a period of turmoil in my life. Such a time of depression would prompt one to contemplate on a lot of things. Somewhere along the way, it was then that I discovered I had a penchant for literature and cooking. It was after exploring these hobbies did I begin to realize that it was no longer just a mere pastime. I had fallen in love. For every poem I wrote, every book I read, every dish I cooked, I felt only excitement, happiness, and fulfillment. For probably the first time ever, I felt like me.

It might seem a roundabout way of dealing with the matter, but in the end, being able to find and do something that gives you purpose is more than worth the wait. After all, “getting there is half the fun”.  

Time stops for no one.

Such is its nature, and yet we unknowingly waltz to its torrid rhythm. So much so that we go about life the way that rhythm dictates. But at the end of the day, never forget about the mundane things: spoil yourself with a luxurious dinner after a long day’s work, buy that neat pair of sneakers you’ve had your eyes on, brew yourself a good cup of coffee, give the janitor who you always pass by in the hallway a smile, because it is through these mundane things that you find happiness, purpose, fulfillment. This is where you find yourself.


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Amiel Bordador is an aspiring chef, restaurateur, and novelist. He spends his days in pursuit of his dreams all while juggling work and the subtleties of life.

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  1. Tess rayos del sol says:

    It is beautiful! And very inspiring

    Finding meaning in life is discovering the simple things that makes one happy. Discovering oneself makes it easier for one to enjoy life more…making another person smile makes one’s heart overflow with love.