Where Else But In Coffee Bean

“Overfellowshippers”. This is the name we gave ourselves after we noticed that for consecutive Sundays– after attending worship service and serving the church– we would spend the rest of the night with each other. We would share stories, testimonies, dreams, prayers or simply just spending good times with our good friends. This coming December, we will be celebrating our 3rd year in… where else but in CBTL!

It would feel weird if we didn’t have it in CBTL as we are always in in CBTL- Araneta Cubao, in Robinsons- Magnolia, in Trinoma or in Tomas Morato. We just wish that there would be more branches in the whole Metro Manila to choose from! 🙂

Over coffees, teas and cakes, our bond just grew stronger. We were not just present for our friends during their successes and triumphs, but also in the times of their losses and setbacks. We would also set our meetings here, birthday celebrations, post-celebrations for a successful event, etc.! CBTL has been a witness to our shared lives.

With the welcoming and cozy atmosphere, I am just happy looking forward to yet another shared moment with the “Overfellowshippers” in… where else but in CBTL!

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