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The Gift of Little Joys

In 2013, I experienced one of the biggest blows in my life. My husband was re-assigned to a new town–a town far from the comforts of city life, away from everyone we knew. We had no savings then because we were living with my parents throughout the beginning of our married life, we had no home to go to, and we had two little ones to take care of. I remember feeling so low then. But we had no choice but to accept that change.

And so we moved to a new and unfamiliar place.

“Rock bottom is a beautiful start,” a friend told me when I told him about how I felt about our move. He was right. Rock bottom is a chance to start fresh; an opportunity to see the little blessings that you wouldn’t have noticed while you were surrounded by grand things. When you hit rock bottom, you begin to be grateful about the simplest of things like the cool breeze that gently blows on your face when you wake up in the morning or the vast fields that have become your children’s playground. You appreciate the little things like a neighbor who would share their catch from the lake earlier that day or a stranger offering you vegetables from their garden just because.

It was then that I realized that the little joys in life actually make up the biggest chunk of our happiness. It’s not the expensive gadgets or luxurious vacations, but the small gestures of other people and the simple blessings that leave a more lasting mark in our lives.

We have moved out from that place already, but every day we yearn to go back. We lived a simple life back then, but I can say we were the happiest there.

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Kimberley Reyes is a fireman’s wife and mompreneur. You can read more of her stories at Mom On Duty, a family and lifestyle blog about her thoughts on nurturing a happy marriage with a man in service, positive and active parenting, working from home, and balancing all these and more.

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  1. Ulla says:

    how fabulous is! i wake up, i open your blog and i see ceoffe! if i could only smell it! i think not many people realize that making ceoffe is like art!