The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Reminds You to OVERFLOW and Give Back with its 2015 Giving Journal

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Since first opening our doors in the Philippines, we at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® have made community building and giving back critically important components of our company philosophy. We pride ourselves in building connections through our company’s commitment to engage our loyal and discriminating Customers in an authentic and meaningful way.    

The Giving Journal

Every year, in the months leading up to Christmas, we release our Giving Journal around a holiday campaign benefiting the Real Life Foundation, and every year, we make it a goal to create something better than the last, constantly evolving the journal to share our passion for GIVING, SHARING, and COMMUNITY.

For 2015, the theme of our Giving Journal is to provide the inspiration to create OVERFLOWS in one’s life.  We desire for everyone to thrive and live in abundance when it comes to developing personal fulfillment & growth, strong relationships, and a joyful spirituality.  To give to others, one must first have something to give, and through the Giving Journal, we hope to empower everyone to become the best version of themselves.

The essence of OVERFLOW is captured in a poem highlighted in the Journal:

I choose to grow each day
To be purposeful at work and play
And throughout life’s highs and lows
I choose a life that overflows

I choose to take steps forward
To make sure each day is fully explored
And whether I meet with joys or sorrows
I choose a life that overflows

I know that no diligence is wasted
That little by little goes far when added
I know that goodness echoes
So I choose a life that overflows

Someday I’ll look back
At my well-traveled track
I’ll beam because my heart knows
I chose a life that overflows


The Real LIFE Foundation

We at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® bring the spirit of the Giving Journal to life through our partnerships with various social organizations, championing volunteerism through our Customers and Team Members.  We have already raised more than P10M for a number of advocacies since 2008, but more importantly, have been able to create much needed awareness for truly worthy endeavors like Habitat for Humanity and Real LIFE Foundation. Through LIFE scholarships, poor but deserving scholars are given the material and financial assistance they need to finish their high school and college degrees. The scholarships are supplemented by LIFE coaching, where mentors help equip scholars with the values and skills they will need to succeed in the real world.  These scholar-graduates become living examples of what the program stands for: Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence. Since its humble beginnings, the Real LIFE Foundation has financially assisted more than 1,000 scholars and produced over 200 university graduates.

Quite simply, what we want to do through the Giving Journal is to inspire our community to follow their passions, nourish and grow their talents, never stop learning, and foster more meaningful relationships. In the words of our CEO Walden Chu: “The concept is very simple—it’s about reminding people that they can make a huge difference in their own and other people’s lives by growing to become the best version of themselves—to realize that their lives are brimming with opportunities to share and then prompt them to give back. As we all look forward to 2015, it is my sincere prayer that the Giving Journal can help all of us brew our best year, and that we will always be moved to love, give and serve.”



How to avail of the 2015 Giving Journal:

1. A minimum single-receipt purchase of a regular or large sized Original Ice Blended®, Espresso/Coffee-based, or Tea-based Beverage, Frozen Swirl or CBTL™ capsules qualifies a customer to get a stamp card.
2. Each card consists of 12 circles with corresponding purchased drink/item assignments. These are as follows:

(1) Original Ice Blended® (any flavor, regular or large)
(1) Tea Latte (any flavor, regular or large)
(1) Espresso/Coffee-based Beverage (any flavor, double, regular or large)
(1) Holiday Featured Beverage (Winter Dream Tea Latte or Red Velvet, regular or large)
Any (8) Original Ice Blended®, Espresso/Coffee-based or Tea-based Beverages, or Frozen Swirl (any flavor, double, regular or large)

(1) Box of CBTL™ capsules (any flavor) = 2 stamps
(1) CBTL™ Single Serve Beverage System (Kaldi, Contata and or Desto) purchase automatically allows the customer to claim his/her 2015 Giving Journal

3. Stamp card must always be presented UPON PURCHASE so that a circle may be stamped whenever its corresponding product assignment is purchased
4. Once all 12 circles are stamped and completed IN ONE STAMP CARD, customer will be able to claim The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® 2015 Giving Journal at any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® branch. Combining of stamps cards is not allowed.
5. The completed stamp card should be presented and surrendered to the branch where The Giving Journal will be claimed. The cashier will punch the stamp card to prevent reuse.
6. Not valid in conjunction with other promos.
7. Promo period is from October 25, 2014 to January 11, 2015.
8. The 2015 Giving Journal may be claimed at any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® branch all throughout the promo period from October 25, 2014 to January 11, 2015, or until 60 days after the promo has ended.


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24 Thoughts

  1. William Eusores says:

    Inspired? Yes!

    By living with love in our hearts
    Learning from the past and mend broken parts
    For we declare to move on so everybody knows
    We choose a life that overflows.

    1. Brew Your Best Year Editor says:

      That’s a lovely addition to the poem, William. Thank you for sharing this meaningful piece.

  2. Jason says:

    This is one of the most beautiful and heartstring-tugging poems I read in a while. Definitely made my week. 🙂

    1. Brew Your Best Year Editor says:

      Thank you for appreciating. We’re truly glad this made your week, Jason. All the best!

  3. trish says:

    we are blessed always every day we are gifted with. it is just fitting for us to share our love, our time, our treasures to those who need them so badly these days: to the old and the sickly and the kids who are bereft of everything they need. thank you, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for making us remember and keep giving in our hearts forever.

    1. Brew Your Best Year Editor says:

      It’s always a blessing to be a blessing to others 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Trish!

  4. Zarah says:

    Yes i am truly inspired and will always be grateful that i stepped foot on your stores at the right time . 2014 giving journal is indeed very inspiring and i am looking forward for my 2015 giving journal.

    1. Brew Your Best Year Editor says:

      We’re very happy to hear this, Zarah. We’re glad to be an inspiration to you through our Giving Journal. Thank you for all the support and patronage!

  5. How can I have a journal? Sorry. Newbie here.

    1. Brew Your Best Year Editor says:

      Hi Troi!

      Thanks for your interest in our journal. Once you have your stamp card, you need to collect 12 stamps for any of the purchases included in the categories. Stamp cards are available in all our stores.

      Hope this answers your question! 🙂

  6. Jasmine Abella-Bautista says:

    Truly inspiring and I pray that people be thankful of what they have and would be more giving to others.

    Be thankful
    Be a channel of blessing
    Be a miracle worker
    Be the best of who we are for we are all created in the image of God

  7. This is such a good way to give thanks to your supporters. I hope I will be the lucky one to have this kind jounal. Bravo Coffee Bean! More POWERS!

  8. Juner Lavina says:

    Truly inspiring for people like me who’s keeping the faith despite going through a lot of struggles..
    The poem has given me an insight on how to become a better version of myself and a sense of responsibility to understand even deeper that the change we seek in the world may start within us.
    More power Coffee bean and continue inspiring! 😀

    1. Brew Your Best Year Editor says:

      Thank you for taking the time to drop in a message. We’re glad that we were able to inspire you through our poem. This is one of the reasons we continue with our efforts– seeing that we are able to inspire individuals like you.

      All the best, Juner!

  9. Karlo says:

    It is always my joy to support Real Life Foundation even in simple ways. Thanks Coffee Bean for giving us opportunity to be part of building the future leaders of this society. The future is truly bright.

  10. Dori Antonio says:

    Wow! it’s so inspiring. I love the content of the poem. It describes how beautiful life is if we have the right perspective. Embracing the truth and live life to the fullest. Great thoughts!!!

  11. Tina Bardaje says:

    Conquer fear!

  12. Alyssa Viquiera says:

    This is very nice to know! Service always comes first and that’s the spirit of Christmas. In addition, you made journals more worth-having for you aimed to give to the people perseverance in everything they do. You enlighten them (us) that life’s going to be great and that, it is a choice we have. Well done, Coffee bean! My forever favorite coffee shop ’cause this shop is special to me 🙂

  13. Andrea Jacob says:

    Inspired by the story. May the Lord continue His blessings upon your company. And may you still continue what you’re doing right now. Glory to God!:’)

  14. anne says:

    I want to avail one. Too bad walang coffee bean dito sa isabela. Can i purchase the journal without the card?