Found Nothing But I

It started with a question,
An unanswered question –
Full of mysteries,
Full of curiosity.

Searching everywhere
Looking into somewhere
Hoping to find the answer
Then found nothing but I

Wandering around
Is finding myself
The identity of my being
Fin’lly met who I am

I thought it was somebody
Somebody that was not me.
But somebody who
I’ve always wanted me to be.

A big mirror in front of me
Who is this person? I asked.
Didn’t even recognized myself,
How far I have come?

Ohh, this is real.
I have to believe, this is real.
I can now see the progress
Yes, I can see the future!

I am almost there!
A little more step,
A little more courage,
And a little more strength.

Now, I believe in myself
And in all I’m capable of becoming
I’ve learned to trust myself
Thank God, He brought me here.

For all of these things
It comes from within
All I want to say to myself:
“Thank you for being real.”

Now you know who you are
Never forget all your learning
Share it to everybody
You must know it was a blessing!

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