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Budget Series – The Notebook Style

Another way of budgeting that I had learned to use is the notebook style. This style of budgeting is highly applicable to those who do not base their source of income on their salary alone and has other way to earn– like having a sideline.

In the Notebook Style, all that you need is a notebook and a pen. You can also opt for a mini notebook so you can easily bring the said “Budget Notebook” anywhere at any time.

On the notebook that you have, you can simply follow the format that I use or you can opt to create your own format.

  • Write “Expenses Breakdown” in the top row and write the month of the year.
  • Create 6 columns and divide each column as follows: Day of the month, Total Cash-in, Expenses, Actual, Remarks.

DAY OF THE MONTH refers to the date you received a certain money or income.

TOTAL CASH-IN refers to the amount you received.

EXPENSES refers to the item to which you used your money on

ACTUAL refers to the amount you used up for each item expense

REMARKS refers to whether you succeeded to stick on the budget or not

expenses breakdown (1)

  • Every time there is money going in for you, write the date when you received it, the total amount and your budget plan for the different expenses  that you have. In this type of budget you can be more specific. See example below.

sample expenses (1)

  • Always put a check if you were able to stick to the budget. Also always note that the total amount in the actual must as always be equal to the total cash-in.


I do hope you find this post informative. Good luck in budgeting!

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