Be Kind

Be kind
Today, tomorrow, the day after, twenty years from now, and every second in between

When you tell the waiter your order
Remember, he might have had a long commute
When you see your mom tirelessly go about her busy day
Finish a chore for her, bake her a cake
When you’re tempted to leave your trash lying around
Get up and take a few steps to the nearest trashcan
When you’re lining up for your morning grind
Smile at the barista who’s ready to greet you
When you’re bored and just about to have a movie marathon
Take 10 minutes off to call your grandparents
When you can’t finish your food
Have it wrapped and give it to someone who hasn’t eaten in a day
When your dad comes home from work
Give him a warm, big hug
When your best friend’s had a long week
Surprise her with some brunch plans and her favorite chocolate
When someone sends you a message
Take the time to reply
When you’re sleepy
Flash a smile to the first 10 people you see in the morning

Even if nobody’s been kind to you today
Even if you’ve been hurt
Even if we live in a cold world
Be the light that can warm a thousand hearts or maybe just one
Maybe even your own

Because in the end, what counts is how much we’ve ever loved
And love doesn’t cost so much to give

Just be kind

About the Contributor

Adrienne Tan is a self-proclaimed milk connoisseur who writes for The Lasallian, Team ABC, and her own blog. She’s a struggling Philosophy major who finds solace in cold weather and admits to be able to quote verbatim movies like, The Parent Trap and 13 Going on 30. She is currently working on a personal project to decorate the walls of her room with post cards and photographs of old movie stars.

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Artwork by Earl Tawny Hisoler, Brew Your Best Year Contributing Artist. For more of her works, visit her Instagram.

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