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Christmas: The Season for Giving

Christmas is almost here. We’re all caught up with our last-minute shopping and Christmas preparations that we may forget one of the most important (and yes, it is a cliche) aspects of Christmas: it is a time for giving.

As law students, it is the norm to stay in coffee shops nearly everyday, for hours on end, so we can study in peace. For us, our coffee shop of choice is Coffee Bean (Ayala Triangle and Rockwell). We stay here so much that all the baristas and members of the different teams pretty much recognize us by name or by face. Every single day, they never fail to give us wonderful service and to give us heartwarming smiles that help us get through the amount of work we need to finish. This Christmas, we wanted to do something to show them just how much we appreciate them.

We decided to give them a small goodie bag filled with candy canes and chocolates with small handmade cards (that look like they were drawn on by grade schoolers). It’s nothing extravagant, nor is it expensive. But it was our way of showing just how grateful we are for them. And when we gave it to them, words could not describe the surprise and happiness on their faces. It was simple. It was small. But it was given with love, it was our way of telling them we haven’t forgotten them this holiday season.

So when you’re thinking about what to give and who to give gifts to, think about everyone in your life. Think about that guard in your condo, school or office who helps you out whenever they see you. Think about your driver, your maid, your employees, teachers, classmates, and even the Manong Taho you buy from everyday. You don’t have to give anything expensive. You don’t need to give your brother or boyfriend the latest gadget. Because these things fade, break, and they will eventually get tired of it. The best gift to give is something that comes from the heart. Everyone just wants to be appreciated. Everyone wants to feel loved. And everyone would like to feel that you, at least, remembered them this holiday season.

So give. Give. Give. After all, ’tis the season for giving, isn’t it?

Ps. Thank you to the CBTL Rockwell team for the free Cheesecake!


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Just like another person trying to seize the day, Marce is an Ateneo Law student who spends the whole day studying in Coffee Bean when laziness, boredom, and stress aren’t taking over when she isn’t gallivanting in her next adventure . Head over heels in love, she is seriously contemplating putting up a Coffee Bean stall in the reception area when they get married.

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