Destination: Brighter Side

Grateful’ is such a big word, isn’t it? Because as much as we wanted to be thankful all the time, we can sometimes have (NOTE: We can’t assume that others always get focused on these feelings.) feelings of pain, and doubt. We can find ourselves asking Why is this happening to me?or “Am I meant to be happy?”

I’ve been there, and probably, so have you.

During those moments when nothing seems to be going right, we are given comforting advice such as, “Look at the brighter side of things.” But we all know for a fact that it’s easier said than done hard. It’s hard to wake up each morning with your eyes puffy from crying all night, to start a brand new day thinking about how to deal with loss, sudden changes, unexpected news, a heartbreak, or a reality you can’t easily accept. It’s hard to see where the bright side is when it’s dark.

But you know what? There is a light.

I fought against the urge to feel bitter or depressed by searching for the light. In the midst of uncertainty, I searched for a light that can somehow make sense of what was happening. I didn’t seek for all the answers. I didn’t need the entire plan to be revealed right away. I just wanted light that can make me see in the dark, and make me believe that there is beauty amidst what I can and cannot understand.

Eventually, I found the light I was looking for it in Jesus. I felt the love and the assurance that I needed through Him. When I was feeling disappointed, I was reminded that I was seeking for the wrong things. Instead of trusting in His will, I was desperately clinging on to worldly things. Surely finding happiness and fullness only in what is temporary— including the relationships we hold dearly–could lead us to disappointment, because the world was never designed to completely satisfy us. That is why I hold onto the peace that comes from His love.  

With all these realizations and feelings of hope, I can now be grateful even when I cannot see from where I stand. I can be thankful for the pain I experience or the battles I endure because I know that in us, is a light that makes all things beautiful. There are no wasted teardrops or hopeless stories, only a plan that molds our faith and makes us a better individuals.

So is there a brighter side after all? I am certain there is always a bright side, only  when we know where to look for it.

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