Driving Through Life’s Blind Curves

A blind curve.

Some dictionaries would define this as “a curve or bend in the road that you cannot see around as you are driving”. If you have already experienced driving through one, some blind curves would even have warning signs before approaching it. Some would say Caution: Blind Curve Ahead and some signs would be even more direct and would ask you to Slow Down. 

With our lives being a journey, so are the roads we take in order to reach our destination. Similarly, there are moments in our life in which we approach a blind curve— moments where we cannot see what’s ahead. So what do we do then?

First, we look out for the warning signs. However, these signs may not be as simple as those we find in roads. These warning signs may take different forms which can go from something as simple as a physical manifestation – such as when our bodies feel fatigued – or something as complex as an emotion that we have to process or an event that we have to interpret. The important thing is to be mindful of how our bodies or our environment is telling us to slow down.

Second, we listen to the warning signs. To put it simply- we slow down. Take it easy. Remember that life is not a race. We can’t overtake life as much as we cannot overtake what God has planned for us. Wait on Him. As the Psalmist has told us, wait for the Lord and be strong. 

So while we wait , appreciate how far you’ve come. We may still have a long way to go but we are already at a place where we weren’t before. We can review the map of life we currently hold. Is where we want to go still worth it? Are we still on the right path?

And finally, we prepare for what is to come. The blind curve doesn’t last forever. We will accelerate again. And when we do, we bring all the lessons it taught us.

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