Hailing a Taxi Cab Can Make you Catch On So Many Things

This is how cab drivers taught me to never settle for less.

I was right outside Gramercy trying to catch a cab after a meeting. After several attempts, I was surprised when a cab pulled over and didn’t even bother asking where I was headed. I thought to myself, Lucky me, right??

The second I settled down, the driver said without hesitation “Plus 50 ah. Traffic eh.”

Wow. I got out in a jiffy.

It was almost rush hour, understandable. It’s not the first time I crossed paths with a driver like him, but things like this can sometimes really get to your nerve and ruin your day. So like what everyone does 2 or 3 times before catching their ride, I shut his door and waited for the next cab to hail.

Easy come. Easy go.

Let’s not generalize hastily. But from time to time, I still get surprised by how this applies to my whereabouts, even if it’s just a simple cab situation. You know what they say, everything comes with a price. May it be a salary raise or a promotion or waiting for a sale or keeping it cool when standing in a long line of passengers or lie in the wait for the your knight in shining armor, if you do not stick around long enough for it to come, you won’t get it. If it comes to you that easily, there is a very high probability it won’t be good enough. Sad. But true.

They say great things come out of patience.

We’ve all been told that patience is a virtue. To be honest, I haven’t really had the chance to apply this with, of course, the exception of surviving chemistry, being able to withstand the long line for enrollment and leaving the walls of the conservatory with a graceful exit. I must say my life has been a big jigsaw puzzle where I was able to find the next piece to fit the previous one just to get things going but not to straight away solve the entire thing. I jump from one field to the next, work with one person to the other and that’s because fate has a way of picking me up where life left me off even before I hit rock bottom. So yes, I haven’t had the chance to apply this but when I look back and ask myself the what if’s, I’ve never gotten something better than what is. That’s when I realize being patient doesn’t mean waiting for things to happen or change.

I waited for half an hour until I was able to find a cab driver that wanted to play fair. Still, I thought it was all worth the wait. Was filling time for another 30 minutes a better decision than paying extra 50 pesos to get me going to where I was headed? I don’t think so would be my fast answer. But not having to wait and being charged extra for the same service I could get without added fee does all the justification. Whether it be about your career or personal life or a very simple thing like getting a cab, patience is very important. But knowing where you salt away your patience is a whole lot more. Be patient with whatever you are doing but NEVER settle for less.

Who would have thought simply hailing a taxi cab can make you catch on so many things?

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