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Holistic Learning: The Root to Empowering Our Nation’s Children

My kids have been homeschooling for almost 5 years now. That is why the Giving Journal’s theme for this month really resonates with our family. We believe that education starts in your home and learning is not only confined in the classroom and not limited to academics and grading systems. The world is our classroom, truly. Our surroundings and experiences are our constant teacher.

Love for God and for our country is at the top of our family’s priority when it comes to values that we would like to nurture and be deeply rooted in our kids. We live by these priorities through practicing these pillars in our homeschooling:

  1. Discipline

This is done through simple ways such as our actions at home- being responsible for our designated chores and roles and doing them diligently. When discipline starts at home, it’s easier to practice this outside as well, in dealing with others and keeping up with rules.

  1. Respect

For oneself: Keep yourself healthy – body and mind. Do well in school or homeschool. Read                         up. Learn a new skill or hobby.

For others and the surroundings. Living by the Golden rule: “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.”

  1. Volunteerism

Share your assets, in whatever form, to others- it can be your time, talent, or material treasure.                   There is no better way to put knowledge and skills to good use than in volunteering for a good                     cause. All of these things should stem from and be done for the love of God, love of our country, and love of our fellowmen.

There are a lot of challenges that come with homeschooling. Already, our kids see a lot of negativity about our country all over the news. We also have our own setbacks as a family. But ultimately, I want my kids to always root for our country to succeed, so I try to instill in them that it only takes dedicated people who have discipline, respect, and volunteerism etched in their hearts to lift the Philippines up. This, in turn, makes them feel like they can do something and they are empowered to think and pay it forward. With our innate Filipino ingenuity, resiliency, and faith, I believe that empowering ourselves and other people through holistic learning can really create a better Philippines.

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  1. Leah says:

    Thank you Brew Your Best Year and CBTL for featuring my article! God bless us all!