How To Better End 2016

This is the ten-point manifesto to better end 2016:

Number 1: This is the end. This is the last chapter of the book we kept writing and rewriting. It will end with a period, or an exclamation point—never with a question mark. We may have a number of commas, or semicolons. But never, ever end this year just asking questions; instead, be vigilant in finding answers.

Number 2: This is the end of negativity in our lives. Negative friends, negative thoughts, and that negative ‘you’ that will yield stagnation and insecurity. Rule #2 believes that inaction is brought by negativity surrounding the object and it is the reason why it never accomplishes anything. Bury the negativity and dig deeper so it won’t rise again.

Number 3: This is the time we pay off our debts, say sorry when we mean it, and accept defeat when called for. Don’t create bigger problems by evading simple ones. Whenever you hurt someone, say sorry, reach out, and ask for forgiveness. Pay your debt—be it a hundred or a thousand. Embrace failure because that is when you realize your potential to be better. No rule will tell you to be perfect, just human.

Number 4: Let go of difficult people. Let go of those who drag us down and never let us spread our wings. This is for those who doubt our capabilities and question the purpose we set upon ourselves. This is for the difficult people who will never see the good in us. Drop them.

Number 5: It is not easy to forget, but we will forgive. As 2016 ends, we forgive other people’s wrongdoings, and forget them when needed. We enter a new year without anything beneath our wings but only lightness and positivity.

Number 6: Remember the good. Cherish the moments when we helped others and others helped us, lifted someone’s spirit and ours was uplifted, inspired the uninspired and got inspiration in the process, dug a hole on the ground for musings and vices we needed to withdraw from. Although a hint of bad may still accompany you, never focus on that. Let the good remain in our hearts.

Number 7: We may or may not cross the bridge we burnt. We may forgive and forget, we may say hi to old news and it’s sometimes okay. Just learn your lesson and be better in deciding on things. When it doesn’t result in positive changes, be ready to move on and let go.

Number 8: Above all, continue to choose happiness, or at least create it. Happiness is not always sought but made, creating goodness in times when the dark seems to be above our head. Continue to find joy whether during times of solitude or when we are with people and the  little things that make us whole. Happiness in the form of physical things, or a scenic view that add up to your happiness bank so when you feel sad, you can look back at them with a smile on your face.

Number 9: Uplift others as a gesture of humanity. In a terrorizing and hopeless state, positivity converts others and brings about positive people around. We will attract the same minds, but we also need to act for those who need guidance and a vibrant outlook in life. Let’s carry the burden of others so they don’t suffer all at once.

Number 10: This end is also a beginning. We close one, we open another. We burn one, we build another. We cross one, we lose the other. We say hi to new routes, and hello to new challenges. We uplift others, others uplift us higher. We live by, and some live so others can simply live, too. The year ends with so much hope, and let us not use our time to dwell on all the mishaps.

This, we swear, will be our Manifesto.

For 2017, we continue to uphold these statements—for better or for worse, during our highs and lows.

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