How to Have a Thankful Day in 10 ways

Sometimes, we don’t realize how fortunate we are and how comfortable the life that we live is. Let’s take time to give back and return the favor.

How to Have a Thankful Day in 10 ways:

1. Smile and Say Good Morning

You may not realize the power of these two actions in turning someone’s day from blue to bright. A person’s disposition early in the morning is a good indicator of how their day turns out. Starting off someone’s day positively is beneficial to them in more ways than you think.

2. Be on Time

When was the last time you clocked in at 8?

3. Eat Right

Reward your body for being able to function by detoxing and eating clean. Let it know you want it to keep up with your age.

4. Don’t Wear Make-up

Let your skin breathe and be appreciate your natural features. Don’t read magazines and avoid stalking your #fitspiration. Try your best not to look at yourself in the mirror as well.

5. Ride a Bike or Walk

Choose an eco-friendly mode of transport.

6. Follow Rules

Use the pedestrian lane and don’t beat the red light. Wear the proper dress code and don’t light a cigarette in the no smoking zone. Be a good citizen.

7. Keep a Little

Before buying that really cute purse — that you don’t really need because you have like ten that you don’t even use, ask yourself if at least ten times. Just because you have a little extra change to spare, it doesn’t mean you have to spend everything up to the last cent.

8. Don’t Litter

Use washable food containers and utensils. Don’t ask for a plastic bag for your purchase. Find a way to minimize the waste you produce except (you know what I mean).

9. Read the Newspaper

Feed your mind and allow it to access information without help from the virtual world.

10. Don’t Shower

You use 2-4 gallons/min of water when you shower. 750 million people don’t have access to drinking water. Think about that.

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As a Structural Engineer in a male-dominated field, Kai tries to release all the excess testosterone she’s inadvertently absorbing through sports and exercise. She also makes orgasmic chocolate chip cookies. For a sweet fix – visit her Instagram.

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One Thought

  1. Najee says:

    I laughed at #8! 🙂

    Also, maybe #10 could be… “don’t spend too much time in the shower” or maybe “try to conserve water by using a pail + tabo” because to Not Shower might be a difficult feat for Filipinos who shower 2-3 times a day? Hehe.

    Great job, Kai! 🙂