I Can Be The Most Difficult Person To Be With But Thank You!

In a relationship, not everyone knows what the two people in it go through each day. There could be many reasons why we choose to be with the ones we’re with. Through the good and the bad, we remind ourselves why we’re thankful for them. For me, these are the things I’m thankful for:

1) Love.

They say, it’s more challenging to love someone like me, a doctor. I can be the most difficult person you can have in your life. I can be the busiest, the most unpredictable, and a sleepy head on our dates. But you persevere each day to prove to me and show me that I am loved beyond reasons.

2) Patience.

It must be tiring sometimes to wait for me until I can answer your calls, or at least answer your text messages during duty hours. And worst, it is frustrating to realize that the one you are talking to on the phone has already dozed off to sleep because she is tired from having 36 hours straight of duty. But you choose to understand and stretch your patience when our dinner or movie dates get interrupted by an emergency call or worse, get cancelled because of a more urgent matter relating to my profession.

3) Encouragement.

Being a doctor is emotionally challenging. We handle different cases each day and oftentimes, we cannot take away ourselves from being involved personally. Our emotions can go high and low, dragging us to the core of our vulnerable human nature. But when you start putting up positive words for me, it feels so warm and reassuring. The simple things takes away the weariness in me.

4) Trust.

My world is vast and it involves a lot of people from different walks of life. I know trust is earned and I thank you for giving it graciously to me. This I promise, to honour and uphold. When I start doubting on my capacity as a doctor, thank you for reminding me to keep growing and improving myself, and to take the difficulties as challenges to make me a better person and a better physician.

5) Randomness and Spontaneity.

It is easy to get immersed and drowned in tasks. Work can become so exhausting physically, emotionally, and mentally. Yet, you never fail to lighten up the load I carry each day. Your random gestures, and spontaneous, quick visits always make me smile each day.

6) Time.

You’ve been waiting for me to graduate for a while now. Being in medical school was a little too much for me to bear, but you were always there. You were one of the few people who never ceased to cheer me up, helping me survive the critical years of my life. That stretch of time filled with both happy and sad memories makes me appreciate you more.

7) Discipline.

This word might be misconstrued knowing that we usually connote the word with our parents. But I am blessed to have you because you do not tolerate my negative attitude. Your advice and wisdom helped me become what I am today- a better person.

8) Strength.

I can look strong and firm in front of my patients but sometimes, it could feel like strength is a scarce resource. Your strength is contagious, and I thank you for giving me strength.

9) Forgiveness.

I have shortcomings as a partner. There are times that my mood becomes erratic and I become inconsiderate. A lot of times, our planned dates do not push through because of unfortunate circumstances. Thank you for your forgiving heart when all these happen.

10) Humor.

Spending time with you gives me a daily dose of good laughter. I feel my heart laughing, too. Your sense of humor helps me keep my sanity and takes the wrinkles away.

All these and more, I am grateful to have you. I can be the most difficult person to be with but I thank you for everything.

About the Contributor

Davie Z. Guillen, M.D. , is a young lady physician who devotes her time as a Community Doctor and at the same time, she is a Resident Physician of the Family Medicine Department of Silliman University Medical Center, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. She loves writing short stories, poetry, and editorial materials. She loves singing and travelling.

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