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I Took You For Granted; I’m Sorry

I’m sorry if I forgot that

There are pieces of rainbows left
For you to take
Just tucked inside your poorly-patched pocket
Just waiting to be adhered onto your skin
I’m sorry I missed in giving you a
Reminder that says
The climate wouldn’t stop you from
Drinking all the sparkle
The weather did not carry authority
To drown you into the murky typhoons
(You could’ve reached the way you always yearned.)
I’m sorry if I took you
To the worst shortcut there was
Where the flowers didn’t sway
Alongside the emotion of the clouds
Where the hedgehogs refused to wake up
Where the ferns didn’t listen
Where the sunset, even the sunset
Never shared a part of itself to you
I wish it did because
At least that would be some
Great of an ending
(I just wish I didn’t drive you to
A faulty destination.)
I’m sorry if your phone didn’t sing
Your favorite indie song
At half past eleven when you badly needed it to
I’m sorry because I gave in to the
Villain’s whisper beside my wrinkled
And weathered slumber cloud
I’m sorry because my fingers didn’t land
On your eleven numbers first
(I wish I did
I really wish I did.)
I’m sorry that I always missed
The chance to give you the pieces
In a collage you struggled to make
I apologize for letting you
Finish it alone
There’s another world ahead of you
And I didn’t even touch a clue
But as I try to forgive myself
I hope you forgive me, too
08:36 pm
We never know when things will end– please don’t take anyone for granted.

About the Contributor

Jelou O. Galang is the Editor-in-Chief of Charlie ‘n’ Charlotte and a sophomore at the University of the Philippines-Manila. Among her peculiar likes include the extraterrestrial life, jeepney ride stories, late night car rides, vinyls and daydreaming about making her own indie film. Commonly seen holding a pen on one hand and a camera on the other, this girl loves putting her most ~creative~ foot forward in every endeavor, whilst braving herself against fears. Her randomness can be seen at: http://ajelouishnarration.tumblr.com

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Cover photo taken by Enzo Cruz, Contributing Photographer. For more of his works, visit his Instagram.

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