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I’m Saying Goodbye

I’m saying goodbye to the girl who was naive. I’m not going to cling to childish reactions anymore. I will not be the type of girl who easily gets stressed. I would remind myself to pray without ceasing and not to be anxious. I’m saying hello to someone who knows what she’s doing and how to react properly. Someone who, despite having experienced a lot, is still humble enough to take in criticisms – both negative and positive. Someone who knows how to accept things because she knows that God works all things together for her good and others.

I’m saying goodbye to the girl who was insecure. I’m putting up Psalm 139:14 on my tab as my wallpaper to remind me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I’m going to embrace my look, my weight, my weaknesses, my flaws, and my imperfections, because I know that it is inside and not the outside which matters most. I’m saying hello to someone who does not get easily dragged down by judgmental people. Someone who loves and accepts herself enough to radiate that same love towards others because she knows she was made in God’s image and likeness.

I’m saying goodbye to the girl who was emotional. I’m deleting my old Facebook posts, my sentimental tweets, and my ancient Tumblr posts. I’m bidding the drama goodbye and I’ll be offering it all up to prayer, an act which I should have been doing a long time ago. I’m saying hello to someone who knows how to handle everything well because she knows God’s grace is sufficient. Someone who knows when to say something because she has something to say. Someone who knows how to keep quiet because she knows that a soft answer turns away wrath.

I’m saying goodbye to the girl who was scared. I’m praying for the courage to ask for forgiveness to those I have wronged and to forgive those who have wronged me – in time. I’m leaving all my fears that dragged me behind for the past years. I’m closing my doors to the fears that have held me from growing up while growing old. I’m saying hello to someone who’s brave enough to take risks. Someone who knows when to say sorry and when to forgive. Someone who’s not easily trampled on because she knows God is her Anchor and her firmest Foundation.

I’m saying goodbye to the girl who was unproductive. I’m going to make sure I don’t count the hours, but I’ll make my hours count. I’m going to exert every effort, with all the strength He will provide so I can do everything I need to accomplish every single day of the week. I’m going to be persistent until I reach who God has planned me to be, until I stay where God wills me to stay. I’m saying hello to someone who knows when to say no when the load is too heavy. Someone who dislikes to waste her time on things that will not bring her any good. Someone who could seize the day but still puts God first because she knows that all she needs will be given to her– and even more– if she seeks God’s kingdom and His righteousness first.

I know the past is a vital part of who we are in the present and in the future, but I’m saying goodbye to my old self. This is the girl who’s letting go – of all the fears, the pain, the insecurities, the juvenility, – and letting God do the rest. This is the girl who’s willing to live out what Proverbs 3:5-6 actually means.

I’m saying goodbye to the girl I was because tomorrow, I welcome the changed, strong woman God wills me to be.

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Rej Relova is a 22-year old writer by passion, Software Analyst by profession, overflowing with compassion. She loves words, tea, and playing her uke (named Jolly). She binge watches a lot of her favorite TV series and is a sucker for music and movies. She aspires to inspire people through her first love, which is writing, and you can read a lot about her on Just in case you’re up for a chit-chat, you can shoot her an e-mail at

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Photo by Nella Lomotan, she handles Engagement Marketing at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® and spearheads the Brew Your Best Year project. Aside from finding joy in building relationships with the brand’s Team Members and Customers and serving the brand’s Community through her projects, she enjoys recreational photography and exploring new landscapes and places, especially through mountain climbing.

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