Learning to Celebrate Life!

In every culture, nation, and religion there are special times set aside to celebrate life or some significant event. We generally refer to these special times as holidays. Have you ever wondered why people get so excited about holidays? Think for a moment about the role they play on an emotional level.

A break from the norm

Emotionally, holidays feel like a reward. Instead of working, those days are used for enjoyable activities like getting together with friends or family, having exceptional meals, or going on a vacation. It’s like being rewarded for all your hard work.

It’s a fact that everyone likes to be rewarded for their efforts and accomplishments. In fact, almost without exception effort is motivated by the prospect of some kind of reward. Taking time off from your normal routine to have fun and celebrate life fits into this “reward” category.

Rewards come in all shapes and sizes

Some rewards have material value while others have emotional value. Most people go to work primarily for the material reward that comes in the form of a paycheck. Others, a happy minority, love what they do so much that the monetary reward is secondary to the feelings of accomplishment they experience.

When we do something nice for someone we love, our reward may be as simple as a smile on their face. Making them feel good makes us happy, thus we are emotionally rewarded as well. This action-reward feedback loop is an intrinsic part of human nature and is closely related to the joy of giving and receiving.

Make your special times to celebrate life

For the most part, holidays are set by someone else. I’d like to propose a slightly different concept. I think that we should all get in the habit of rewarding ourselves for, and celebrating, our personal accomplishments.

No doubt, you have experienced some forward progress in your personal growth and development recently. Maybe you overcame some personal obstacle, or experienced a personal breakthrough of some kind. Perhaps you are making progress on a personal or professional goal.

Why not celebrate that?

Any time we succeed in elevating the quality of our life in some way, celebration is in order. You see, celebrating is one of the ways we give ourselves approval. Whenever you find yourself reflecting on your accomplishments, it’s time to stop and celebrate life. Doing so will funnel massive amounts of approval into your neurological feedback loop.

Celebrating is an effective way to anchor your efforts in positive emotions. More approval brings increased motivation to continue taking action. Increased action creates even more reasons for giving yourself approval. It’s a beautiful arrangement.

Feed the process

Without a built-in delivery system for receiving approval, motivation begins to fade. By celebrating our personal progress we are providing the approval needed to stay motivated.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate” ~Oprah Winfrey

Personal development is a never-ending journey that pays giant dividends. Approval is the oil that keeps the whole process running smooth. So don’t wait for someone else to schedule a holiday, find your own ways to celebrate life, blessings, and accomplishments. It’s perfectly okay to let yourself know how much you approve.

How do you feel about personal celebration?
Are you ready to create your own holidays?
The lines are open!

Article by Jonathan Wells, Certified Personal and Professional Breakthrough Strategy Coach
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