Luck Favors The Prepared

Time, as we know it, is as precious as gold. Believe me, this is one of the truest perpetual clichés written in the book of life. Nonetheless, there are some who just regard time as a unit of measurement, an instance of an event, or perhaps, an occurrence whenever the clock ticks. But what could be the effect of indifference to the worth of time? What would transpire if people always took time for granted?

People nowadays seem to ignore the true value of time. Instead of accomplishing a task as scheduled, they tend to procrastinate and focus on trivial things, cramming important priorities and doing things hastily. And what’s the result? It’s either mediocrity or failure. Little do they know that time is the cardinal principle of success.

In order to become more successful in life, a tip I can give is to start organizing it. Most people rant about their situations, saying that they have loads of things to do and the time given to them isn’t enough. But even if time is finite, one can surely fulfill all obligations if only one knows how to be more in control of his time.

What’s one way to do this? Have a tool that can organize your tasks, such as a planner or a mobile task app. This will make it easier to comply with your requirements on or before schedule, keep track of special events such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays and others, be reminded of appointments, seminars, and other activities, so that preparations can be made before the expected date. Regarding errands and emergency meetings, adjustments can be made but make sure to rectify the date and time properly.

Whether you’re a grade-conscious student, an uber-workaholic employee, a clingy lover who loves to annoy your partner by being with them at all times, this organization tool (whatever it is), can surely be an awesome sidekick for everyone this coming new year.

I doubt if a person can become successful without organization in his/her life. Successful people know the hierarchy of their priorities. They do not randomly pick what duty to carry out just because they feel doing one rather than doing the other. They are disciplined individuals. They do not believe in luck simply because success is planned and not just merely expected to accidentally knock on your door. And even if luck does exist, remember that it only favors the prepared.

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