Making it Happen

Just imagine having the time of your life, doing the things you’ve always dreamt of and those things that you’ve always planned on doing but never got to. Wouldn’t that feel great? Wouldn’t that be an ideal life to live?

The problem with some people is that they only plan on making things happen, instead of actually making them happen. I know that it is hard to start a new habit and start something from scratch; there are lot of things to consider. And to present these things needed to make plans happen, let’s just take my own experience.

I believe that the first step in achieving what it is you want is to think about what you really want to do and then plan. For me, I usually need to make a plan to do all the things I like in one go- eating out, reading, relaxing, traveling. It’s like hitting as many birds as you can with one stone, but of course still thinking if what you wanna do is really possible. So since I love to eat out and travel, why not go to restaurants located in places that I haven’t been to? Also, it is relaxing to eat good food.

The next thing that you need to consider is the people that would also want to do what you want to do. I chose a group of friends who I knew loved to eat good food and travel and after talking to them about what I wanted to do, we made a pact that we would make it a habit to eat out in places and restaurants we’ve never been to at least once a month. Then, we talked about how we would make it possible. The next thing we asked ourselves was: How would we finance this?

It was from there that I realized that we didn’t need to accomplish everything right away. We could just start with the small plans that would fit into our budget; it would still count as making our plans happen plus, it could also give a sense of fulfillment. We promised to save up for the things we set aside instead; planning ahead of time lessens the feeling of being rushed into things.

After all the planning, the only thing you need to do is to act on them and make them happen. Make it a point to finish what you started. Create reminders for yourself if you need to! I did, and after everything, I could say that we successfully made our plans happen. We tried out different restaurants, even attended seminars and visited other places wherein we fulfilled both our goals to eat and travel. It is somehow a bonus that in doing all of these, we learn a lot of other things– not just knowledge about places and the different kinds of food but also more about each of us in the group.

Through all this, I’ve come to realize that it is not just achieving the end goal that makes us happy. It is the whole journey– the conversations created and every small thing along the way that made the experiences more enjoyable and memorable.

With this, let me leave you a quote from John Dewey and my realization. “To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness” To be truly happy, we must first know what we want in life. Happiness is a choice. And to choose happiness, we need to live without any regrets of unfulfilled plans.


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“I am Thirdy, a creature made out of black void 22 years ago. Discovered by semi-human creatures 2.893 light-years away from the Crab Nebula. Crash-landed amongst common Humans and raised as their own. Creativity acquired thru blood-transfusion from a Lunarian and chemically reacted with other in-body elements causing syndromes; i.e laziness, sweetness, intelligence, and nonsensicality. Partially lost eyesight during encounter with other extraterrestrial beings and other powers, i.e flight and teleportation, and telekinesis.”

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