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Problems Are Blessings

When I was young, we used to live in a luxurious house and we weren’t faced with any problems. Then one day, my mom was diagnosed in the hospital due to a cyst in the ovary. I was 6 years old then. My mom was able to recover but things started to change; my mama would no longer allow me to buy the things I was used to buying, and at that time I had no idea what was happening.

It was March 2002 when my mama told us that we needed to leave our house for a new beginning. It was a lot different from what we were used to before. We had to move to a smaller house and adapt to a new environment. But I had fun with my new neighbors and it was overall, a happy environment.

26th of August 2009, I woke up and everything changed. Our house was devastated by Ondoy and in just one snap, we were left with nothing. I remember needing the help of our kapitbahays just to pass through another roof from our home and be in the safest possible place. We stayed in a friend’s house for accommodations, wearing only the clothes that we had on that day. I am thankful we came out of it alive.

We started again and tried to recover everything but August 2012, Habagat came. I was in 2nd year college then. I remember going on a fieldtrip to Bulacan and coming home to a flooded first floor. The 2nd time around, we were more alert and ready. I was confident also that we could survive and recover again as we were already able to do it already before. We left our home and transferred again to a new place without anything- no house with water or electricity.

After all those happened, I didn’t think I could still finish my studies since we lost so much money already. We also moved far from my school so the expense became 4x than my usual transportation allowance.

I really thank God because I was given a chance to be part of Santuario de San Antonio Parish’s scholarship program. They supported my financial needs as a student, paid my tuition, gave me transportation and even food allowance. Aside from this, I became an active member of our academic organizations with the help and trust of my schoolmates.

May 2014, all hard work paid off and I received my college diploma with the grace of Our Living Savior. Many job offers came and I even had the chance to be hired as an employee by one of the largest corporations here in the Philippines, but I chose to be an Educator and be a life inspiration to many young students. As a college educator, I want to someday pursue my dream to study abroad and pursue a Masteral Degree. I live by this phrase to inspire me:


Never cease believing and praying.

Prayer works.
Prayer can perform miracles.
Prayer can make the impossible possible.

You can lose everything but never lose hope.
Once you lose hope, everything becomes impossible.

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Rachel Angcog currently works as a College Instructor at Access Computer College and holds a part-time job in Sales & Marketing at Web Philippines. She believes in God who strengthens her day by day.

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