Running Low

Life truly is a highway— a really long, complicated, and seemingly endless highway. There’s the fun and excitement on the road trip of life; but, sometimes, it’s not surprising to see that riding through life can leave us drained. Everyone carries on until we notice that we’re already running low, and that’s the point where we reconsider if going on is still worth it.

It’s so easy to quit when you can’t see the point of going further.

There are days when we’re bombarded by problems. There’s the constant wonder on why can’t just things work out the way we want them to be. There’s the constant pain of being disappointed and being a disappointment. We can’t just expect life to be all sunny side up; but, there are times when there really is so much rain in our lives that we forget the existence of rainbows.

Sometimes, life gets a little hard that we grow tired—too tired to feel, too tired to carry on. In this highway of life, we come to that point where we start running low. And truth is, I’ve been running low for quite a while now. There’s the constant pressure of living within everyone’s expectation of me. There’s an always-happy facade to keep, there are deadlines to meet, the list goes on.

But I still keep moving on.

I constantly recharge myself with hopes of a better tomorrow. I constantly recharge myself with the sight of the people I love. I’ll never run out of things to carry on for.

That’s why even if I’m running low, at the very least I’m still running.

Because I know things will definitely get better in time.

About the Contributor

Therese Josefel Castillo is currently a student of the University of the Philippines Manila. She appreciates the littlest things, believes in miracles, and survives reality one smile at a time. You could find more of her works at her blog.

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