Space Shift

Have you ever experienced staring at your laptop screen or at a blank page of your notebook?

I experienced that many times, frequently to be honest, while writing on my journal or pondering on some concepts for my Marketing work. As I am just about to type some words in mind, I sometimes forget the thought I just had.

Annoying isn’t it? But I do believe that there is a science behind why people stare at blank spaces along with their blank thoughts In John Lehrer’s book, “Imagine: How Creativity Works,” he shared about how Bob Dylan reinvented himself as a musician. As Lehrer described, Dylan was creatively stuck and tired of his usual folk music image, so much so that he decided to give up on his music. He went to the woods to paint and write a novel but in a few days, a miracle happened. Dylan couldn’t stop creating lyrics and managed to write 25 pages of lyrics, including his signature song, Like a Rolling Stone.


The big revelation

Dylan’s breakthrough came in his darkest moment.  It happened when he hit a wall, and found himself staring at a blank space. It came out of the blue, like his life’s greatest revelation.

Many young professionals including myself have probably experienced the same. Most of the time we stare at those blank pages, chained to our desks, while sipping copious amounts of caffeine. We conceive this wrong notion that we are still being productive, even if we are just staring at blank pages.

It’s in those moments that you need to do whatever it is you need to do to feel relaxed and find restoration, just as Dylan did to restore his passion, his drive, and his life.


Get up and move

Albert Einstein puts it this way, “Creativity is the residue of time wasted.”

We live in a world where we’ve become better at maximizing our time. But sometimes, we also need to be good at wasting time because it is in those down times that we are physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually-restored. When we are sleeping, each body organ is being restored at a very specific time. Our digestive system is being fixed by the antibodies and healthy cells at 10pm. So, when we take a midnight snack, our body will not be able to digest it which actually explains why we feel bloated upon waking up. This just means that each organ of our body needs to rest for it to function well the next day. When we try to abuse it, we know the repercussions on our health. If we don’t take the time to restore everything that we’ve used up to do the daily work we do, there will always be some sort of repercussion.

The same way with how we move in life,when you feel stuck, feel burdened by your problems, and need to tap into your creative mind, pause and take a break. It’s never a time wasted, but a time turning into great opportunities for restoration.

To my fellow youth, life is very simple to make it overly complicated. You have been given the gift of time and now’s your opportunity to use it wisely. The next time you stare at a blank space, that’s your cue to move. Go and find your place.



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