Summit Song

After the cruel hike,
the seemingly endless trail
here we are:
Strength spent and lungs exploding.
Our skins burn raw
Under the scorching brightness
of too much sun,
But we wanted all of these:
every ache, every trickle of sweat
and labored breath,
every dirt that clings to our faces
because at the mountains
there is a song:
of leaves quietly rustling little melodies
of blades of grass shivering in the wind,
of cicadas laughing,
of silence.
We arrive at the summit and the sky is so blue, So blue as if the ocean is suddenly above us.
We are on top of the world breathing the universe
and in that brief moment
Our spirits danced, flew wild, Soared-
Every mountain has a song to sing And we know we are born
To follow the music.

About the Contributor

Patricia May Labitoria is a graduate of Environmental Planning and Management at Miriam College. She is currently working at the Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

The natural environment has always been her inspiration and her north star. She is passionate about the outdoors and does not mind going out of her comfort zone. Her adventurous nature has brought her to live in Baguio as a volunteer for nine (9) months under the Miriam Volunteer Mission (MVM), and pushes her to climb up mountains.

She dreams of seeing the Andes Mountains, and the northern lights someday.

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