The Journey Of Waiting

Nobody likes waiting through long lines in the counter. When we seek consultation at an Outpatient Department, we strive to come early to grab a single digit priority number. In a bus waiting to be filled up, we do not miss this question: “Kanus-a pa ni mularga?”. All these boil down to one thing – we are not comfortable with waiting. Most of the time, there is inconvenience, and worst, an agony in waiting. Waiting is not always time-bound. There is uncertainty as to how long it is going to take. Thus, going through the process is surely not easy.

When we speak about finding the right person in our lives, waiting becomes a big word. But before anything else, we should put things into perspective. We should realize that falling in love is not just an ordinary event. It tackles a lot of considerations, and reflects our core values as an individual. Falling in love and loving a person is a commitment. It is never just anybody’s game which is subject to the rules and whims of the player.

With these in mind, the gap between having no one yet and having that person and great love is the state of waiting. This gap or state of waiting is not supposed to be a still water, but, it is rather filled with waves of challenges and trials. Choosing to wait is a decision, and it will test the person’s strength of character. It also magnifies the value of something that we choose to wait for, and being able to brush away the rush and peer pressure because we believe that it will be worth the wait.

On a more serious note, waiting has to be qualified as well. Indeed, waiting should not be passive but rather an active process. While looking forward to meet the person in store for you, you have to find and love yourself first. For those who were once broken, be whole again and be healed from all pains. And above all, in our solitude, find that there is no greater journey than seeking the Lord’s will, reflecting on His Words, and waiting for His Appointed time. One cannot truly love someone when he or she is broken, engulfed in the painful past, and burdened with guilt, insecurity, and hatred.

For someone who has not engaged in any relationship yet, the waiting period is in fact an avenue of preparation – to become a better person, to mature emotionally and spiritually, and discover yourself more. This self-awareness will surely equip you to handle the ups and downs of a future relationship.

But who says waiting is easy? Of course, it depends upon the person. But surely for many, it is a brave and difficult journey. The uncertainty, indefinite stretch of time of waiting, peer pressure, and the feeling of being wanted and so much more can actually shaken one’s stand. Eventually, some may not be able to hold a tight grip and may just give in. One must find the beauty and essence of waiting to endure the whole process.

There is no one to tell you that your great love is coming. There maybe signs that one may entertain but it is always uncertain. However, rest assured, when God is at work in your life, He has wonderful means and ways of telling you. You just have to trust in the wondrous things He can do in your life. With these in your heart, waiting can be a beautiful time of your life, and a prelude to the revelation of God’s authorship in your life.

About the Contributor

Davie Z. Guillen, M.D. , is a young lady physician who devotes her time as a Community Doctor and at the same time, she is a Resident Physician of the Family Medicine Department of Silliman University Medical Center, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. She loves writing short stories, poetry, and editorial materials. She loves singing and travelling.

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