The Journey To A Better You

Fresh out of college, I entered the unglamorously, glamorous world of advertising and they weren’t kidding—going home by 8pm was considered “early”. Anyone working an 8-hour (or more) job can relate—where does one find time and energy if i just wanna sleep when I get home after an exhausting day?

Here’s the brutal truth. Nothing good is achievable overnight. It’s a commitment you need to stick to and it which involves a lot of work. Trust me, the first step is always the hardest one, but once you start seeing the changes and results in your body, mind, and attitude, you realize it’s all worth it. And next thing you know, it becomes a necessity in your life.

There are three things I swear by in this journey to a better me. These things have helped me from the very start, up to this day, and I encourage you to live by them too.

  1. Make time for it.

The hardest part about making time is convincing yourself to become stronger than your strongest excuse.

I’m too busy to workout. I’m too tired. It’s too hard. I’ll do it when work becomes lighter.

Enough. No more excuses. No more holding yourself back.

Remember, everyone is busy. If you can stay glued to your phone for hours, then you have time to squeeze in a quick 15 or 30minute sweat sesh everyday. There’s always time if you make it.

It’s okay to start small then eventually build up. The important thing is you start and keep going.

  1. Make a change in your lifestyle.

This goes hand-in-hand with making time. It’s a conscious effort everyday to say YES to being better. It’s a conscious effort to choose the “lesser evil” thing to eat as well. You’ll be surprised, it’s a struggle at first but it gets easier the more you say YES. It’ll become a habit, which will eventually be a big part of your lifestyle.

Saying YES to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean completely depriving yourself of things you love, I don’t believe in that but I do believe moderation is key! I honestly can’t imagine a life without cookies, ice cream, pizza, and the occasional Potato Corner fries—which I treat myself to during weekends. If you put me on a diet 24/7, I’ll be miserable.

  1. Make your mindset a positive one.

I’ve met lot of people averse to the thought of working out because they feel it’s a punishment for something they did or didn’t eat. Some say they only “eat clean” for a day after filling their bodies with junk. This kind of negative thinking needs to go. Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle isn’t and shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an investment you’re making for yourself. It’s what you choose to do because you want to make yourself better.

Same as everyone else, I’ve had my fair share of days much more hellish than other days. Through the years, I’ve conditioned my mind to use working out as a positive outlet in keeping myself sane. Once I saw it that way, it became a big part of my lifestyle because it’s how all my frustrations are released. After blowing off steam, my mind is much clearer and I feel a lot happier. It’s funny, I’m much more productive after I take a break and work out as compared to when I’m just trying to finish work while I’m tired and stressed.

Everyone’s fitness journey is unique—what works for one might not work for another. You just have to find the right activity that matches your interests and lifestylemay it be sports, dancing, or hitting the gym. Remember you don’t have to do this alone. Having a support group helps. Back in 2013, i met a group of girls from my office who had the same fitness goals as I did. We worked out together and pushed each other to always be better and eat cleaner. They became one of my closest group of friends and we still work out together.

Bottomline, wanting to live a better lifestyle isn’t a punishment. It’s an investment you make for yourself. Once you get over the first few steps, it becomes easier and you will see changes. Don’t be discouraged by some people who think you want this change purely for vanity reasons. Yes, your body will change, but so will your mind, attitude, and confidence.

Don’t take it too seriously. It’s not rocket science. It’s your life, have fun with it!

Good luck and never give up on yourself!

About the Contributor

Paui Peña is a graphic artist by day at Club Media Asia Inc, indoor cycling instructor by night at Ride Revolution. She is also a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. For her, life is all about finding the perfect balance: She believes in living healthy and clean, but also believes that dessert and pizza are life.

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