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I always remember the famous tagline of one of the leading gas stations – “What drives you?”

This was the same question that I asked myself years ago. Fortunately, I have found not just one answer but a lot of answers. In short, I have a lot of inspirations which have become the cornerstones of why I wake up each day working for the future. My inspirations come in different forms– family (first and foremost), successful people in their own fields, relatives, famous people et al. But one thing stood out from the rest and these are the vendors that I often see on the road. They are those who sell fruits, housewares, fishballs, rags, and all kinds of products. Here in the metro, they are practically everywhere.

I remember that turning point. I was caught up in heavy traffic due to the rain and I saw vendors from outside my car selling water and chichirya with no umbrella or raincoat. It pained my heart seeing them carrying a big bag of goods while enduring the rain, so I bought from them even if I didn’t need what they were selling at that time. I admired their perseverance and determination. From then on, they have become my inspiration. They sell these goods in the streets to provide food on the table for their families and perhaps most of them send their children to school with their meager income. They endure the weather conditions and risk their safety for the sake of their families. While most of us have a desk to work in, free coffee and air-conditioning in our office, these vendors do not have these things that we often take for granted. After that, I began to appreciate what I had. I started to pray and give thanks for all the things I was grateful for. I also vowed to help vendors on the road in my own little way by patronizing their products whenever I get the chance to see them.

It has been an eye opener for me and has become my true source of inspiration.


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Pia Jamarie is an Investor Relations executive, a part time trainer, blogger, lover of DIYs and chevron prints, and a grateful mum.

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